How to get a massive discount off our Dolphin Swim Tour!

How to get a massive discount off our Dolphin Swim Tour!


You wouldn’t know it based on the snow storms hitting the Eastern Seaboard, but spring has arrived here in the northern hemisphere!  And that means it is time again for the best dolphin swim tour discount of the year!

For just 50 days — from March 8th until April 27th — we’re offering a whopping $25 off our Dolphin and You tour for all customers. That’s 16% off the normal price.  It is also the lowest price we offer during the whole year!

In fact, the next time we’ll drop our prices this low again won’t be until December!

That also means the best dolphin swim tour on Oahu is also the cheapest dolphin swim tour on the island! Not only are you getting the highest-rated and longest-running dolphin swim experience, but you’re getting it at a price that blows everyone else out of the water (pun intended).

What’s the big deal? Aren’t all dolphin swim tours the same?

I know what you’re thinking. “So what?” Swimming with dolphins is the same no matter where you go, right?”

Here’s the truth: while some folks might lead you to think that there isn’t much difference from one dolphin swim tour to the next, that is definitely not the case.

You see, being the longest-running dolphin swim tour on Oahu means not only do we have the most experience, but we have amazingly high standards and work hard to be the premiere dolphin swim tour around.

Not to brag … but we’re, like, really really good at what we do. 🙂

Here are a few examples of what you’ll experience with Dolphins and You that you can’t get anywhere else:

True performers and entertainers

Our crew aren’t just amazing local people who are brimming with the aloha spirit, but we have the only crew on the island who are also professional entertainers. They dance hula, sing, play ukulele, and you won’t just get a group dance, but you’ll experience real entertainment on a boat with a truly Hawaiian feeling.

“Welcoming us aboard Kaiona was playing ukulele and singing, BEAUTIFUL voice and such and beautiful, kind woman! Not once was the trip dull or lacking in entertainment. … So. Much. Dancing. Everyone was involved and it wasn’t overly obnoxious. Rache was hilarious, entertaining and bonus, she is Moana’s doppelgänger. Tyler sang a Hawaiian birthday song to one of the guests.  Awesome.” ~ bcalhoon9 posted Feb 14, 2018 on Trip Advisor

We love our super star crew, and we’re sure you’ll feel the same way after your tour.

Prepare to be entertained!

Fantastic bilingual tour guides

Sometimes when you go on a tour you find that the primary language is not one you’re very familiar with. That can really put a damper on the experience.

So, we’ve made sure that all of our tour guides are all fully bilingual in both English and Japanese, and really know their stuff. We have incredibly high standards for the guides we hire and we make sure that they are fully trained and capable to give you an amazing experience.

“Purely by circumstance my husband and I were the only two English speakers on the tour. To me it highlighted how thorough the company is in accommodating both English and Japanese speakers. Everyone was briefed on safety procedures adequately and efficiently. “ ~ Lynn R. Posted on Feb 6, 2018 on Facebook

You won’t be stuck trying to figure out things in a different language. Our tours are all conducted with equal emphasis on both English and Japanese. You’ll never be confused or wondering what is going on.

Dolphins and You - Tour Guides - And You Creations
Some of the most amazing guides around!

The biggest crew around!

Some dolphin swim tours just give you a boat captain, a crew member and a tour guide. At most you might have a total of 3 or 4 people helping your entire group on the boat. That’s not only hard on you, but it’s pretty hard on the crew and guides too.

At Dolphins and You we run with a minimum of 3 crew, a tour guide, photographer and captain on every boat. That’s a team of a half-dozen professionals dedicated to giving you the time of your life.

“What an amazing team of young, energetic, talented, fun people on board. They entertained us between stops with Hula dancing, Ukulele, singing and great laughs. … The crew members really do know their stuff and love what they do. If you want to have a great experience of Hawaii, its culture, ocean and connect with the nature and its people this is the tour to take.” ~ Marek, Posted March 5, 2018 on Facebook

We invest in our crew and guides to make sure you have an amazing time swimming with the dolphins. Rest assured that we’ve got you covered from bow to stern. 🙂

Our amazing crew is ready to give you the best time of your life!

Amazing feedback from our guests

Of course, if you’ve done your homework you’ve already seen our massive collection of five star reviews on Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google, and Facebook.  Be sure to check those out for a bit of social proof. 😉

Fun and unique water activities

And you’ve probably already seen that we provide great water activities like an inflatable water slide, trampoline, paddle boards, a kayak and have the best (and only) taro bun burger around — all included free with your tour!

The full package

But if all of that doesn’t convince you that Dolphins and You is an amazing value, then check out this video and see just what you get.

How to get your dolphin swim tour spring discount

So, I’m sure you want to know how to get your $25 off. It’s super simple:

  1. Go to our online booking system. This discount is only available on our website.
  2. When you check out, use the coupon code “spring”.
  3. That’s it! Now you’re getting $25 off each and every tour you buy. Super simple, right?

“This was so much more than just swimming with dolphins. I loved how much Hawaiian culture was incorporated into this experience. You will not be disappointed!!!!!!!!” ~ bcalhoon9 posted Feb 14, 2018 on Trip Advisor

Answers to your questions about the dolphin swim tour discount

When can I go on the tour? Does it have to be within those dates?

You can go on the tour anytime. You just have to book the tour before April 27th to take advantage of this amazing discount.

But whether you book your tour for tomorrow, next month or next fall, you end up with the same great price. If you know you’re coming to Hawaii this summer, don’t wait until the prices go up during the peak season and the boats fill up. Book now and you’ll be set for when you arrive in Hawaii!

Does that discount apply to kids?

Yup! And that means children’s tickets which are usually $124 and now down to the double digits! Jsut $99 for your kids ages 4 to 11.

“Truly a beautiful experience that my girls and I will never forget.  If this wasn’t on your bucket list before, it should be on there now. Thanks to all the staff of Dolphins and You-keep up the great work!!!!” ~ Dee Dee K. posted August 13, 2017 on Yelp

Give your kids an experience they’ll never forget! All for a price that won’t break their college fund. 🙂

Your kids will thank you!

How many discounted dolphin swim tours can I buy?

There is no limit!

As long as there is space on the boat, you can get your super-discounted dolphin swim tickets until they all run out!

Whether it’s just the two of you, or you have a big group of family and friends, this is the best price for the best tour around so don’t miss out!

Is this really a limited time discount? Didn’t you have a discount last month?

Yes, this is really limited time.

And yes, this is really the cheapest our tickets get all year. We only offer this price during two times: during the holidays in December and January, and then again in the spring.

While we might have other promotions, they’ll never be as big as our spring and winter campaigns. So, if you want a massive discount on your dolphin swim tour, then this is the time to get it!

After April 27th, it’s all over until the whales come back at the end of the year. 🙂

So, what are you waiting for?

Swimming with dolphins is a huge bucket list item for a lot of people. We’d love to make that dream a reality and providing this discount will hopefully make it more attainable for your, and your family and friends.

This is your chance to get the best dolphin swim tour on Oahu for the cheapest price around. Use the code “spring” at checkout to book your tour and get this massive savings now!

See you on the boat!

“Oh man! I’m so glad i went with this company. We saw monk seals, whales, tropical fish, sea turtles, and dolphins as soon as we left the dock! Marisa, our photographer/videographer is super cute! Rache, our host, has an awesome personality. The whole crew is just amazing. I would definitely recommend to friends and family!” ~ Karlson W. Posted Jan 9, 2018 on Yelp


“I would do this trip every time I come to Honolulu! Totally worth the money!” ~ Elizabeth posted Sep 27, 2017 on Yelp

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