Mother of Pearl Necklaces Made in Hawaii

Mother of Pearl shell pendant necklaces are handcrafted in Hawaii.

Two traditional designs: "Makau" - Fish Hook "Honu" - Hawaiian Sea Turtle Unique and traditional fisherman's "barrel" slip-knot fastener Each pendant is unique, with its own individual brilliance of the organic 'Mother of Pearl' shell, releasing vibrant and brilliant hues of sea greens and bluesThe LegendsHawaiian Fish Hook "Makau": This pendant stands for everything that is good and promises its wearer prosperity, strength and good luck. It's the same pendant that was worn by Maui in the famous movie Moana! The early fishermen created fish hooks out of every available material they could find. Using tools and files fashioned from coral and stone, they chipped and carved fish hooks out of whale bones, shells and even wood. The "makau" was used to catch fish in the open water. Fishermen with fine fishing skills would wear their carved fish hooks as a necklace. They believed that their own "mana," or energy, would be infused into the "makau" and would bring them safe passage across ocean waters.Hawaiian Sea Turtle "Honu": This pendant has always had special meaning for Hawaiians. They look to the "Honu" as an "Amakua" or spiritual guardian that can take the shape of an animal. Often these guardians were viewed as the embodiment of their ancestors.  The Hawaiian Sea Turtle, the only indigenous reptile to the Hawaiian islands, is revered as the sacred symbol of the "life force", the Ki, the Chi, the Prana or the Mana. The Honu, still today, represents wisdom, longevity and endurance.

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