5 Spooky Things to Do in Oahu for Halloween

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It’s not a trick – If you’ve found yourself in Oahu for Halloween, you’re in for a treat.

Oahu is full of spooky things to do. From haunted landmarks to night hikes and shark dives. Whether you’re hoping to make your skin crawl or just looking for a fun family activity for Halloween, there’s something for everyone.

We’ve picked 5 of the best Halloween things to do in Oahu so that you can make sure your day is a spooky one from sun-up to sun-down.

Drive the spooky old Pali road during Halloween in Oahu

#1: Drive the Old Pali Road

Hidden off of the main Pali Highway, the Old Pali Road hosts many legends and reports of supernatural activity.

Dense rainforest reaches out over the road forming a tree tunnel and casting shadows. It was not far from here that King Kamehameha defeated Kalanikupule’s army to unify the Hawaiian islands under one ruler in 1795.

The road passes through the “haunted” Morgan’s Corner”, where a murder was committed decades ago. Some visitors to the Old Pali Road report seeing ghosts, including one particularly disturbing vision of a half-faced girl.

It’s also home to many urban legends. Legend has it that one should never carry raw pork over the Old Pali Road. It’s said that if you drive with raw pork on the road, you will get into a car accident.

One thing’s for certain: being on a road associated with so much history and dark legends is bound to feel a little spooky. Use Google Maps for directions to the Old Pali Road.

Diving with sharks in Oahu

2: Take a Dive with Wild Sharks

One of the most thrilling experiences Oahu has to offer is a dive in the ocean with wild sharks. Whether you choose to do it in a cage or freely snorkel with these intimidating creatures, the experience is sure to get your blood pumping.

Off the North Shore of Oahu lies a deep, dark underwater canyon. It’s here, in this sunless trench, where the sharks call home. As you approach this area, sharks are drawn to the hum of the boat motors and begin to rise to the surface. And we’re not talking two or three – we’re talking dozens of sharks.

Most often, the sharks seen off of Oahu are non-aggressive Galapagos sharks or small reef sharks. And experienced guides in the water who are attuned to every move of the sharks present make the experience far less scary than you would imagine. Many find it calming, in fact, or even addicting!

Most shark tours want you to feel respect rather than fear. They’ll explain intimate details about how sharks behave, and you may leave with a much greater appreciation.

In any case, it’s a great way to face your fears on Halloween!

Oahu pumpkin patch

#3: Pick a Pumpkin in Oahu for Halloween

We had to add in one pick for the kids. For a family-friendly activity, head to Waimanalo Country Farms for a day in the pumpkin patch and sunflowers!

The islands may not have falling, colorful leaves and the sweater weather that people associate with fall, but they do have pumpkins! At the base of the Ko’olau mountains on the east side of Oahu is a bright pumpkin patch and a field of sunflowers, ready for photos every fall.

Want to add more island vibes into your Halloween experience? Carve a pineapple instead of a pumpkin! A pineapple jack-o-lantern glowing on the beach is a perfect Halloween in Hawaii tribute.

Oahu full moon

#4: Go for a Night Hike

Nothing gets you in the spooky season more than the glow of a full moon.

And with warm night temperatures and clear skies most nights, taking in the full moon in Oahu is a great way to spend an evening.

For the best views of the full moon, head to the east side to see the moon rising. Our favorite spot for a full moon night hike is Makapu’u lookout.

Aside from being an ideal spot to glimpse the moon rising, it’s also a spooky spot in and of itself. Legend has it that Madame Pele, the lava goddess, had her home there before moving on to the Big Island. People sometimes see an old lady in white hitchhiking along the highway. If you see this, stop to let her in for a ride, or risk bad juju!

#5: Cruise the Waikiki Coast with a Live DJ

By far the best way to spend Halloween in Oahu is on an Ocean and You booze cruise party with a live DJ off the coast of Waikiki.

As the sun goes down over Diamond Head state monument, the boat lights up with LED lights on deck and bright, colorful spotlights to illuminate the ocean beneath.

The DJ will play beats for hours to get you dancing on one of the boat’s two decks or wraparound bow. You’re welcome to bring your own drinks, and costumes are encouraged!

There’s no better spot for nightlife in Waikiki! Sunset, night cruises and private charters available. Book Now!

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