Nature and You

Waimea Waterfall Swim with Mini-Breakfast & Lunch!

Adult(12+): $149
Child(3-11): $134
Infant(0-2): NA

♥NA means for the safety of infants, they are Not Allowed.
*Our busses and boats are NOT wheelchair accessible.

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*This hike is 3 yrs old and up and considered Easy!

Important: Swimming at Waimea Falls relies on the daily status of the waterfall. The lifeguards determine whether it's safe to swim at 9am each day

Waimea Waterfall Hiking Tour Details

Capacity 50 Guests:
(Large group available on demand)
*4 passenger minimum required to operate.

Days of the Week:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

*Tours may change/cancel due to unexpected weather or other circumstances.

Waikiki Pickup Map​

We have 8 pick up locations in Waikiki

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Waimea Waterfall!

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Experience the stunning natural beauty of Hawaii on the Waimea Waterfall Hike Tour with Nature and You.

Waimea Valley is a place steeped in rich Hawaiian history and culture. This beautiful destination has been a sanctuary for Hawaiian spirituality and traditions for many generations. As Oahu’s last remaining intact traditional Hawaiian land division, Waimea valley stretches from the stunning mountains all the way down to the ocean. Our tour combines hiking and swimming activities for an unforgettable adventure. 

Immerse yourself in Oahu’s Premier nature tour and discover the island’s hidden gems. Book now for an unforgettable experience!

  • Schedules may change according to the weather, traffic, holidays, and trail conditions.
  • The tour will still operate in mild weather conditions. We will contact you if any rescheduling is necessary.
  • Children under 3 years are not allowed for their safety.
  • Swimming at the waterfall is dependent on daily waterfall conditions.
  • Feel free to contact our office with any questions about difficulty level, etc. 

The Tour Agenda

Here is a complete rundown of what you'll experience with Nature and You

*Tour schedule is subject to change due to traffic or other unforeseen conditions

6:15-6:50 AM

Hotel Pick-Up

Please be ready with comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for hiking and swimming at one of our 8 pick-up locations in Waikiki. Don’t forget to bring or wear your swimsuit to jump into the waterfall!

7:45 AM

Arrive at Greenworld Coffee Farm

Kickstart your day with a delicious breakfast and coffee from Greenworld Coffee Farm, a local favorite cafe in Hawaii! Choose from Banana bread, Tomato Pesto Roll or  Sausage roll to fuel up before the hike!

8:45 AM

Arrive at Waimea Valley Trail Head

Embark on a guided hike through the Waimea Valley Trail! This 1.5 mile long trail takes you through a diverse range of landscapes, including forests, gardens, and streams, and offers stunning views of waterfalls, Hawaiian plants, and historical sites.

Swimming in the Waterfall

Jump into the refreshing waters of the Waimea waterfall, a natural pool surrounded by lush vegetation, and refresh yourself in the cool waters. We will provide you with a life vest for your safety.

*Please be prepared to take a refreshing dip in the waterfall! A changing station is available near the waterfall for you to change your swimsuit


Botanical Garden

Explore Waimea Valley’s 52 themed gardens and discover over 5,000 documented types of tropical and subtropical plants, including the largest collection of endangered Hawaiian plants.

Traditional Hawaiian Hale

Keep an eye out for the Hawaiian Hale (Houses) constructed from natural materials such as wood, grass, and coconut-fiber cordage, adding an authentic touch to your journey.

Hookipa Cultural Certificate

Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant Hawaiian culture with a tour of the Historic Waimea Valley on Oahu Island! Not only will you have an unforgettable experience with the Nature and You tour, but you will also receive a Cultural Ambassador Certificate and Waimea Valley Pin to commemorate your adventure. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to learn about Hawaii’s rich culture!

11:45 AM

Lunch at Waimea Valley

Enjoy a healthy and delicious lunch picnic amidst the beauty of Waimea Valley. Choose from a variety of options, including the Chicken Caesar Wrap, Veggie Wrap, and Spicy Shrimp Wrap, with choice of Hawaiian chips and a water to satisfy your appetite!

And You Creations Team Tested and approved!

The Shrimp wrap is FAB! ~ Steve

1:00 PM

Arrive at Dole Plantation

Discover the rich history of pineapple cultivation in Hawaii at the Dole Plantation. Learn about the plantation’s past and indulge in pineapple-themed souvenirs and treats! 

Group of people by the side of dolphin and you tour bus

2:30 PM

A Hui Hou! Until we meet again ...

We hope you enjoy the nature of Hawaii with Nature and You: Waimea Waterfall Hiking Tour!

More on Waimea Valley

Experience the Beauty of Waimea Valley on an Exciting Waterfall Hike

Waimea Valley is a beautiful, 1,800 acre nature park located on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. It is home to a stunning 45-foot waterfall, which is the centerpiece of the park. The waterfall is surrounded by lush vegetation and is a popular spot for swimming and picnicking.

The Waimea Valley has a rich history that dates back hundreds of years. It was once a thriving community for native Hawaiians, who used the land for farming and fishing. The valley was also home to many cultural and religious sites, including temples and heiaus (sacred places).

In the late 1800s, the valley was purchased by a group of European and American missionaries, who built a ranch and established a Christian school for native Hawaiian children. The valley remained in the hands of the missionaries for over 100 years, until it was sold to the Waimea Valley Audubon Center in 2003.

Today, the Waimea Valley is managed by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and is open to the public for recreational and educational purposes. In addition to the waterfall, the park features hiking trails, botanical gardens, and cultural demonstrations. It is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, and is an important part of Hawaii’s cultural and natural heritage.

Despite its popularity, the Waimea Valley has faced its share of challenges over the years. In the 1970s, the valley was threatened by plans to build a housing development, which was eventually stopped by a grassroots campaign to protect the land. More recently, the park has faced issues related to overcrowding and environmental degradation. To address these issues, the park has implemented a number of measures, including limiting the number of visitors and implementing conservation efforts.

Overall, the Waimea Valley is a beautiful and unique place that is steeped in history and cultural significance. It is a must-see destination for anyone visiting the North Shore of Oahu, and is a testament to the enduring beauty and resilience of the natural world.

Waimea Valley Watefall Swim

The Waimea Valley Waterfall is a beautiful natural attraction located on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. It is home to a number of swimming holes and pools that are popular with tourists and locals alike. The water in the Waimea Valley Waterfall is generally clean and clear, making it a great place for swimming.

The area is also home to a variety of plant and animal life, including tropical fish, birds, and plants. There are lifeguards on duty at the swimming areas, and there are also restrooms, showers, and other amenities available to visitors. It is important to follow all posted safety rules and guidelines when swimming in the Waimea Valley Waterfall to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


Waimea Valley Plant and Animal Life

The valley is home to a diverse array of plant and animal life, including native and introduced species. Some of the plants that can be found in Waimea Valley include tropical flowers, ferns, palms, and banyan trees. The valley is also home to a variety of animals, including birds, insects, and small mammals. Some of the animals that can be found in Waimea Valley include Hawaiian honeycreepers, geckos, and skinks. 

The valley is also home to a number of endangered species, such as the Hawaiian duck and the Hawaiian hoary bat. Waimea Valley is an important cultural and natural resource, and efforts are being made to protect and preserve its unique ecosystem.