Island and You

Oahu Circle Island Tour

Adults: $118
Kids (2-11): $94
Infant(0-1): ♥NA

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♥NA means for the safety of infants, they are Not Allowed.
*Our Island and You fleet is NOT handicapped accessible.

Tour Details


Adults: $118
Kids (2-11): $94
Infant(0-1): Not allowed

Whats Included?

Breakfast, Shrimp Lunch Plate, & Samples of local favorites, fruits, & Macadamia nuts.

1 Tour Daily

Monday through Sunday
*Kalua Pig Samples from H.I.C. may not be available on Sunday and Mondays.

9 Hour Length and Capacity

Minimum of 4 guests needed for the tour. If the minimum is not met, the tour may be re-scheduled or refunded.
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Embrace your inner foodie on a

circle-island tour in Oahu

Oahu Circle Island Tours

Watch the video below to see a preview of Island and You:

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Island and You is a full day circle-island Oahu bus tour, packed with some of the island’s best sights and plenty of delicious Hawaiian food! Visit historical sites, eat local favorite foods, learn about the culture of ancient Hawaiians and shop for the perfect souvenir as you explore Oahu on a culture and food tour.

The island is incredibly rich with experiences to offer. Make the most of your time in Hawaii and take a day to taste, see and feel it all!

We infuse the spirit of Aloha and genuine Hawaiian culture into Island and You. Come embark on an Oahu Circle Island food tour and make the most of your time in Oahu.

Oahu Circle Island Info

Oahu Circle Island Tour Agenda

Here is a complete rundown of all 11 stops on this full-day tour!

*Tour schedule is subject to change due to unexpected weather, traffic or other various circumstances

*We may view certain locations from the bus rather than stopping depending on tour conditions and guest preferences

*Minimum bookings of 4 guests per tour needed. If the minimum is not met, the tour is subject to be re-scheduled or refunded 

*Our meals do not accommodate allergies, We do not prepare the meals so we cannot guarantee anything regarding allergies. For your safety, please bring your own. 

Stop #1

Treasures and You

Aloha and good morning! 

Our first stop is Treasures and You a Hawaii Souvenir Shop for authentic coffee samples. Also, don’t forget to snap a cute photo at the Instagram photo zone!

Stop #2

Leonard’s Malasadas - Koko Marina

Good Morning! With transportation from Waikiki included, our circle-island tour of Oahu begins on the east side of Oahu as we fuel up with Leonard’s Malasadas is a popular Hawaiian bakery known for their delicious, deep-fried Portuguese doughnuts called malasadas. These round, pillowy treats are made from a simple dough of flour, sugar, yeast, and eggs, and are rolled in granulated sugar before being deep-fried to golden perfection. 

Stop #3

Halona Blowhole Lookout

On the East side of Oahu is a hidden gem that many drive past without even knowing it. The lookout offers a stunning view of the ocean and the blowhole, which is a natural geyser that shoots water high into the air. Visitors can watch as the waves crash against the rocks, causing the blowhole to erupt with a powerful force. The lookout also offers a great vantage point for watching the sunset, as the colors of the sky are reflected in the water below. The area is also a popular spot for photography and a great way to experience the natural beauty of Hawaii.

On the other side is an unbelievably stunning cove nicknamed “eternity beach”. Take it all in!

Stop #4

Makapu'u Lookout

Next, we visit the gorgeous view from Makapu’u Lookout. Makapu’u Lookout is a popular tourist destination located on the eastern coast of Oahu, Hawaii. The lookout offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the Makapu’u Lighthouse, which sits on the rocky cliffs below. Visitors can also spot the famous Rabbit Island, also known as Manana Island, from the lookout.

*We will visit this location, but we may not stop based on tour conditions.

Stop #5

Hawaiian island Cafe

Waimanalo’s Hawaiian Island Cafe is famously known for their Pastele Stew, among other local favorites. At this stop, you’ll sample authentic kalua pork, haupia, and poi.

On Sunday and Monday,  Kalua pork samples are substituted for Hawaiian favortite Spam Musubi’s and additional fruit.

Pass by

He'eia State Park

Brimming with Oahu history, Heʻeia State Park has good views of Kaneohe Bay, Heʻeia Fishpond, and the Ko’olau mountain range. Far in the distance, you’ll also get a preview of what’s to come at our later stops, including Kualoa Beach Park.

*We will visit this location, but we may not stop based on tour conditions.

Stop #6

Macadamia Nuts Farm

Our next stop is the Macadamia Nut Farm.

Oahu’s Macadamia Nut Farm is a popular destination for visitors looking to learn about the history and cultivation of these delicious nuts. Visitors can taste the farm-fresh macadamia nuts in a variety of flavors, including sea salt, chocolate, and honey roasted. The farm also sells a variety of macadamia nut products, such as oils, butters, and candies, as well as other locally made products. The farm is a great way for visitors to learn about the history of macadamia nuts and taste the delicious results of the farm’s hard work.

Stop #7

Kualoa Regional Park

Next, see one of the island’s most iconic views at Kualoa Beach Park. Nicknamed “Chinaman’s Hat,” the famous Mokoli’i island lies just off the coast. 

Young Hawaiian chiefs used to practice for their roles in this sacred space during ancient times. And behind the park, the steep, ridge-lined Ko’olau cliffs shoot up into the sky for a panoramic view!

Stop #8

Tanaka Kahuku Shrimp

After the fun in the sun at this energy-filled stop – you guessed it – we’re ready for more food!

We’ll then serve up *Hawaiian Kahuku-style garlic shrimp at Tanaka’s in Kahuku, the birthplace of this style of shrimp!

※Our meals do not accommodate allergies, We do not prepare the meals so we cannot guarantee anything regarding allergies. For your safety, please bring your own.  

Stop #9

Kahuku Land Farm

Right nearby, you can sample tropical fruits at the Kahuku Land Farm. All of the fruits sold at the farm are 100% organically grown! 

Pass By

Sunset Beach, Banzai Pipeline & Waimea Beach Park

We’ll pass by Oahu’s most famous north shore beaches, including Banzai Pipeline, Waimea Beach Park and Sunset Beach. During the winter season, take in thrilling waves. But we’re not done – there’s still three more stops on this full-day tour!

Stop #10

Pua'ena Point

After enjoying the fruit, we’ll take you to a popular spot to see the “Honu,” or Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle! They often come ashore at this scenic point location to sunbathe. 

In Hawaii, Honu are known to be the guardians and navigators of the sea. We will connect with them from a distance, as they are federally protected.

Stop #11

Haleiwa Town

We’ll continue our journey onto the historic surf town of Haleiwa. Stroll around, check out the shops and art galleries of this artistic community.

After you’re done shopping, try a colorful, cooling dessert of rainbow Shave Ice!

Pass By

Kukaniloko Birth Stones

This sacred location, known as the Hawaiian Ali, was believed to be the birthplace of royalty and held great significance for ancient Hawaiians. According to legend, women who visited this site during pregnancy were said to have an easier childbirth.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with the true essence of Hawaii.

Stop #13

Green World Coffee Farm

Last but not least, we visit Green World Coffee Farm, one of a few coffee farms on Oahu. Green World consists of 7 acres of land with approximately +3,000 arabica coffee trees and they produce coffee sourced from all of the Hawaiian Islands. Explore the coffee garden and learn exactly how coffee goes from the tree to cup!

*We will visit this location, but we may not stop based on tour conditions.

"A Hui Hou!"

Until We Meet Again!

Our hearts and our bellies will be full after a full day of experiencing the best sights, experiences and food that Oahu has to offer!

A group photo will be taken and will be sent to everyone via email so you can share this memory with friends and family back home.

Group photo on a circle island food tour of Oahu