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Eat Local, Feel Local

Island and You

What is "Eat Local, Feel Local"?

Eat Local, Feel Local

Eat local, feel local is the tour of all things local! Visit sacred places, eat local Hawaiian food, learn about the history of ancient Hawaiians, stop by famous shopping areas, and tour around Oahu.

Hawaii has beautiful nature, rich food, warm people, and full of energy (mana).

Enjoy and experience the real Hawaii!

Tour Attractions

Explore Oahu!

As the tour name says, “Eat local, Feel Local”. We will be eating local Hawaiian food, under Hawaiian sun, and wind from the sea.

Spend a day to eat, see, and feel all things the Hawaiian style!

Discover Hawaiian Flavor

During the tour, your guide will gladly introduce you to Hawaii’s land, history, legends, and current events!

We will introduce island favorite eateries, popular local supermarkets, and more!

Tour Program

Learn the details of your Island and You tour

Hotel Pick-up
There are 8 meeting locations around Waikiki.
8:00 - 8:30 AM
Diamond Head & Kapoiolani Park
Hawaii is known for its famous Diamond Head. Enjoy the sight of a spiritual spot, power up with local favorite, Diamond Head Grill scone.
Location 1
Makapu'u Healing Pool
This beach is known to be the place where ancient Hawaiians performed rituals of spiritual cleansing to keep the balance of the mind and body.
Location 2
Waiahole Poi Factory
Poi is a traditional Hawaiian cuisine, a paste made by grinding taro. Enjoy the taste of the traditional taste of poi, Squid Luau Luau, Kalua Pig, in a place where you can taste and feel ancient Hawaii. If you’re lucky, you can even see how they make poi!
Location 3
Macadamia Nut Farm
Eat fresh macadamia nuts from the Island's only macadamia nut factory. They sell in various flavors, perfect for souvenirs. You can also sample them with a side of tasty coffee!
Location 4
Kualoa Beach Park
The Kualoa district is known for its sacred area, formerly owned by the royal family. This area is known to be the most sacred place in the Hawaiian Islands. It was the place where young chiefs practiced their roles. You can also see the uninhabited island, called the China Man’s Hat (because of the shape). You can feel and enjoy the energy from this power spot.
Location 5
Garlic Shrimp Lunch
It’s time for lunch! We will be having Kahuku specialty, the garlic shrimp. Kahuku is the birthplace of Hawaii’s garlic shrimps. You can see a lot of farming ponds in this area. You will never be able to forget the delicious taste of Kahuku’s great garlic shrimp!
Location 6
Kahuku Land Farm
Enjoy Hawaii’s tropical fruits here. They are 100% local and can take them back home! You can see other interesting fruits here as well.
Location 7
Sunset Beach
We will take the fruits we purchased at Kahuku Land Farm, and eat them at Sunset Beach! As the name suggests, Sunset Beach is known for its beautiful sunset view. This beach is famous in representing the North Shore of Oahu.
Location 8
Puaena Point
The beach is popular spot to see Honus (Hawaiian sea turtle, guardian of the sea). You can see them sun bathing here. If you see them, please leave them alone, as they are one of the conservation animals in Hawaii.
Location 9
Shopping at Haleiwa Town
The North Shore is known for its old town Haleiwa. You can enjoy shopping here, as well as trying their famous Matsumoto Shave Ice. Stroll around in this old Hawaiian town.
Location 10
Kukaniloko Birthstone
Kukaniloko Birthstones State Monument is a sacred site on Oahu, preserves a centuries-old birthplace of royalty. A child born here was said to be strongly spiritual, and they were to become chiefs. It has said that by visiting the stone, it eased the pain of giving birth.
Location 11
A hui ho! Until we meet again!
Arrival in Waikiki. Please do not forget the fun-filled memories of today! Also, please check our social media sites for more pictures and updated information!
Location 11

Tour Details

Here is everything you need to know!


$118 / Adults
$94 / Children


Monday ~ Friday


9 hours


Tours operate with a minimum of four passengers

*Tours may change/cancel due to unexpected weather or other various circumstances.

Eat Local!

Here are some of the local foods included in the tour …

Fresh baked scones

Diamond Head Grill

Poi, Squid Luau, Kalua Pig

Waiahole Poi Factory

Kahuku Garlic Shrimp

Fumi’s in Kahuku

Fresh local fruits

Kahuku Land Farm

Fresh cracked Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia Nut Factory

Hawaiian Coffee

Grown in Hawaii!

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