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Learn about the team that brings you some of the Oahu tour experiences in Hawaii!

What is And You Creations?

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At And You Creations, we believe that experiences in Hawaii’s distinctive nature can have a profound impact on one’s life.

Our aim is to share the message of peace and unity with other people and the environment, as Hawaiian culture teaches us to do.

(Y)our Logo

Hawaii is known as both the aloha state and the rainbow state. Rainbows are a symbolic part of Hawaiian culture and are seen as a sign of luck and happiness.

At AYC we resonate with the rainbow and hope to bring adventure and joy to others. Join us for a magical experience and the adventure of a lifetime!

(Y)our Tours

Our tour experiences are designed to share the best Hawaii has to offer. 

From watching dolphins, to hiking the Manoa Falls Trail, to embarking on an odyssey of the tastes, sights, history of Oahu, we strive to ensure you leave us feeling more fulfilled than when you started.

Hawaii is an amazing place, and we feel honored and humbled to be able to share it with you.

(Y)our Beginning
About the Owner

Established in 1989


Richard Holland was born in Pennsylvania on September 29, 1959. Out of a desire to see the world, he joined the US Navy. He had an episode of déjà vu while stationed in Japan, feeling a deep connection to the country. 

Afterward, with his credentials as a top-class flight mechanic, he had the opportunity to work at NASA. Instead, he married a Japanese woman and moved to Japan. Following an accident, he came close to being fully paralyzed, but had a miraculous recovery. After living in Japan for 20 years, he was led to Hawaii by his infant daughter Ariya, who passed away from vaccine-related causes. 

By a twist of fate, he ended up taking over a wild dolphin watching experience, “Dolphins and You” and turned it into Oahu’s premiere dolphin watching and nature tour company.  He overcame a series of obstacles to bring the company from zero to hosting over 40,000 guests a year. 

Now, the company offers 7 different services under the name “And You Creations.” In recent years, Ariya I and II luxury touring vessels, and a family-run staff of 45, have led Dolphins and You to winning the prestigious 111Hawaii Awards for the best optional tour in Hawaii. 

Traveling back and forth between Japan and Hawaii, he now hosts seminars on developing sustainable, earth-enriching habits for finding happiness based on what he’s learned from his life in Hawaii.