Banyan Trees in Hawaii – You Don’t Want to Miss These!

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Hawaii is full of amazing marine life, breathtaking sunsets, and natural landscapes that make you just want to say WOW! And banyan trees are no different! Although they are not native to Hawaii – the first one was actually a gift from India – they’ve come to signify the beautiful Hawaiian ecosystem. Here’s a few Banyan trees in Hawaii that you should see while on vacation!

1. Lahaina Banyan Court Park

Arguably the most famous banyan tree in Hawaii, the Banyan tree that sits at the center of the park is one of the oldest in the United States. Located in Maui on the Old Lahaina Fort, it was planted by Sheriff William Owen Smith in the courtyard square in 1873 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first American Protestant mission in Lahaina. This massive tree is one that you must see if you’re visiting Maui – it’s absolutely stunning in its grandeur!

2. Moana Hotel

Oahu is host to some great banyan trees, and one of them is the majestic giant at the historic Moana Hotel on Waikiki Beach. On the site of the area’s first hotel, it was planted in 1904 and now stands at 75 feet high and 150 feet across. There’s no way you can pass up a chance to see this natural wonder in front of Waikiki’s oldest hotel and a famous backdrop for brides and grooms trying to get those memorable wedding shots.

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3. Honolulu Zoo

See some of these trees in Hawaii while you’re having some fun with the family at the Honolulu Zoo. This is a great day activity for the whole family and you can spend hours wandering among the banyan trees that sit on 42 acres of land, which is home to 905 different animals from the tropics. Be sure to take a break from the sun under these grand branches – and don’t forget your camera!

4. Banyan Tree Drive

If you find yourself on the Big Island, definitely check out Banyan Tree Drive in Hilo. You’ll see trees that were first planted in 1933 and the drive was built the following year for a visit by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who planted a tree while he was visiting the island. And he’s not the only one to have paid a visit! Many other famous figures have their names on placards beneath the trees they planted like pilot Amelia Earhart, president Richard Nixon, and singer/composer Louis Armstrong. Unfortunately because of natural disasters like tsunamis, some of Banyan Drive’s trees have been destroyed, but there’s still plenty of beautiful ones left behind.

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