Buy Local! Take Home Some Hawaii Souvenirs

Everyone wants to have a token of their time in Hawaii. A little memorabilia to bring back memories of swimming with Dolphins, learning how to hula dance, or just relaxing by the sea is something you should leave room for in your suitcase! But instead of buying something mass-produced in a faraway factory, support our local culture and buy some of these Hawaii souvenirs.


Coffee Beans

This is an easy souvenir to pack, and something that almost everyone will love getting as a gift! Visit one of Hawaii’s coffee plantations for a tasting and sampling of this aromatic souvenir, but if you don’t have time to go to a farm tour, local markets have this well stocked. Kona is the best known, but there are lots of boutique local blends, so feel free to try a few! Hawaii coffee culture is strong and thrives on mountain slopes with rich volcanic soils and wet climates.


Want to recreate the mood of your luau back home by the campfire? Then pick up a ukelele. They are available in all price ranges, though if you want an authentic Hawaiian made instrument, be prepared to fork over a few hundred dollars; more if it’s made of native Hawaiian koa wood.

Niihau shells

Don’t have room in your luggage for a ukelele? Well then jewelry made with niihau shells are perfect! These exquisite shells are made by the people of the private island of Niihau, located just off of Kaua’i. Necklaces and bracelets can have thousands of tiny shells of interweaving colors and will create a lasting and beautiful memory from your Hawaii vacation.



If you find yourself on Maui, visit one of their lavender farms and pick up a fragrant souvenir. These pretty soaps, lotions, and even culinary goodies make good hostess gifts, too. And even if you don’t have a chance to go to Maui, many of the stores on other islands have local lavender items for you to take home.

Arts & crafts

Hawaii hosts artisan and craft fairs year round, so ask your hotel concierge for some recommendations. Some of our local materials that make great souvenirs are koa, milo, mango, kamani, sandalwood, hau, and other Island woods local craftsmen turn into beautiful bowls, furniture, and wood products. If you visit any museums, check out their gift shops for local Hawaiian souvenirs, too.


Hawaiian music

Did you hear some lovely sounds while listening to the island podcast? Or is the soundtrack to your spa day playing in your head? Well take home the sound of Hawaiian music and relive your vacation again and again. These breezy sounds are instantly recognizable, and music shops and gift shops have recordings of groups ranging from the latest local performers to international superstars, so pick up some before you head home!

Hawaiian inspired clothing

If you want to sport the relaxed feeling from your Hawaii vacation long after you’ve left the islands, then pick up a piece of Hawaiian inspired clothing. There are many retailers and hotel souvenir shops that sell high-quality brands, just make sure to read the label to see if it is manufactured in Hawaii for the real thing. Some brands to look for are Manuhealii and Tutuvi.

So now that you have a shopping list, leave room for some souvenirs from Hawaii in your suitcase!

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