Dolphins and You Boat Featured in Netflix Film “The Wrong Missy”

Dolphins and You Boat Featured in Netflix Film “The Wrong Missy”

See any familiar Oahu locations in the trailer for the new Netflix movie “The Wrong Missy”?

“The Wrong Missy”, starring David Spade and Lauren Lapkus, comes to Netflix on May 13, 2020. This comedy is the classic story of texting gone very wrong. After Tim (Spade) meets his dream girl, he sends a text to invite her to a corporate retreat in Hawaii. He later learns that he had accidentally sent the text to someone else, and he winds up accompanied by “the wrong missy”.

As chaos and hilarious embarrassments ensue, the odd couple makes their way all around the island of Oahu. One of the spots they visit is the Dolphins and You tour boat, the “Ariya”!

If you’ve visited Oahu before, you’ll have fun spotting some familiar locations! We could already spy a few in the trailer. Here’s what we know of so far:

The Wrong Missy Film Locations in Oahu

Dolphins and You Tour Boat, Waianae, Oahu, USA

Left: Screenshot at 1:39 from “The Wrong Missy” official trailer, Right: Photo from a Dolphins and You tour

The Dolphins and You tour boat is used in the movie as a frightening and unusual shark cave dive experience. But that couldn’t be further from what Dolphins and You actually does.

Dolphins and You is a tour that takes Oahu visitors swimming with wild dolphins in west Oahu. In the company’s 30 years of operation, we’ve never seen a large shark in the water.

Rob Schneider is a member of the boat crew in the movie, and the character he plays is a little off the hinges. Before he hands David Spade his snorkel gear, he sticks his tongue into the snorkel to see if it’s clean.

Although the Dolphins and You crew can get pretty crazy at times, we promise our practices are much more sanitary. On a real Dolphins and You tour, there’s a lot more dancing, a lot more culture and a lot more dolphins!

Four Seasons Resort, Ko Olina, Oahu, USA

Four Seasons Ko Olina is the hotel in The Wrong Missy
Left: Screenshot at :51 from “The Wrong Missy” trailer, Right: Aerial photo of the Four Seasons Resort Ko Olina

The beautiful Four Seasons Resort in Ko Olina is where Tim and Missy stay throughout the movie. Ko Olina is a resort town in west Oahu with stunning blue ocean bays, hotels and restaurants.

From what we can tell in the trailer, what’s represented in the movie seems to be pretty on point with what the Four Seasons Resort offers in real life. The resort really does offer accommodations for events and business meetings, and its pool and rooms are top-notch.

The Four Seasons Resort in Ko Olina is one of the ten hotel pickups offered by Dolphins and You tours.

Sharks Cove Food Truck Park, Pupukea, Oahu, USA