Hawaii’s Winter Humpback Whale Season with Whales and You

You are currently viewing Hawaii’s Winter Humpback Whale Season with Whales and You

Welcome to Whales and You, a premier humpback whale watching tour that invites you to discover the marvels of Hawaii’s winter humpback whale season. Operating exclusively from December 1st to March 31st, this tour guarantees a captivating adventure filled with distinctive features.

Tour Details:

  • Tour date: December 1st to March 31st (Hawaii Humpback Whale Season)

  • Departure Point: Kewalo Basin Harbor

  • Tour Departure Time: Morning (7am) and Afternoon (1pm)

  • Tour Duration: 2 hours

Local Snacks Included:

  • Morning Tour (7am): Poi Mochi Donut from Liliha Bakery

  • Afternoon Tour (1pm): Musubi Platter from Iyasume Musubi Cafe

Entertaining Experience:

  • Whales Commentary: Our knowledgeable crew shares intriguing insights about humpback whales, Hawaii’s marine life, and the enchanting beauty of Oahu Island.

  • Hula Dance Performance: Experience the vibrancy of Hawaiian culture through an entertaining hula dance performance.

  • E Ho Mai Chant: Immerse yourself in Hawaiian traditions with the E Ho Mai chant, showcasing our commitment to visitor education.

Exclusive Features:

  • Hydrophone Experience: Witness the magic of the ocean as we drop a hydrophone to capture the captivating songs of humpback whales.

  • Complimentary Transportation: Enjoy the ease of complimentary transportation from Waikiki to the harbor with our Waikiki Turtle Trolley. Feel the warm Hawaiian breeze as you journey to the departure point.

“Whales and You” transcends a typical whale watching tour. It is a chance to connect with Hawaii’s rich culture, marine life, and the majestic humpback whales. Join us for an extraordinary experience that seamlessly blends education, entertainment, and the breathtaking beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Secure your spot today and create enduring memories with Whales and You.

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*Starting January 15th, 2024, we’ve added a new 1pm tour! If you prefer beginning your day with early morning humpback whale watching, we highly recommend the 7am tour. Alternatively, for those who prefer a leisurely start to their day, we recommend the 1pm tour. Whales and You offers two convenient time slots for your tour experience!!

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