Pygmy False Killer Whale on DAY Tour

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The Pygmy Killer Whale is an incredibly rare member of the oceanic dolphin family. These marine animals spend most of their time in deeper waters, so it is very lucky for people to see them in person.  And it’s even luckier to be able to take pictures or video of them.

During his work as a photographer with Dolphins and You, Photographer Josh was able to spend time with these amazing creatures.  And one in particular was quite inquisitive, spending an unusually long time circling Josh and our boat.

It made for a truly unique experience, and one that our crew and the guests will not soon forget.

Check out this week’s Dolphins and You Photographer Clip of the Week where Josh shows you some amazing photos and footage of these animals:

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COTW 4 Josh Munoz - Dolphins and You - 04
The amazing Pygmy False Killer Whale!

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Credit where credit is due

Be sure to check out Josh’s Instagram feed where you’ll get some great shots of his life living on an sail boat, photos from the ocean, and other awesome shots from around the Hawaiian islands and the world.  You can find him on Instagram @joshmunoz.  Here are a few fun shots from his feed:

Yes, that’s his boat. Yes, it’s amazing.


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