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If you have ever watched a movie that featured Polynesian characters, you have probably noticed that many of those characters have tattoos across their torsos. What you may not know is that Polynesian tattoos have a ton of history and significance behind them.

Tattoos Have Been A Part Of Polynesia Since Ancient Times

Many people think of tattoos as something modern, and newly popularized. While that may be true in some parts of the world, it most certainly isn’t true of Polynesia. As a matter of fact, the majority of Polynesian people received one or more tattoo in ancient times. Tattooing has been a part of Polynesian culture for a very long time. In the past, people were trained as tattoo masters, not unlike the artists of modern times. These people bestowed tattoos upon all of the people that lived around them.

Tattoos Are Designed To Deliver Information

The tattoos that Polynesian people display are meant to be more than simply a superficial piece of eye candy. They are also supposed to present information about the person that has the tattoo. A tattoo might reveal information about a person’s history, or about the position that they held in a tribe. If you looked at the tattoos that the people of the past wore on their bodies, you could learn a great deal about the lives that they lived.

Tattoos Had A Deeper Significance

People in Polynesia didn’t believe that tattoos were merely art or decoration. They believed that a tattoo could display a person’s spiritual power, which they referred to as mana. This is why tattoos were so common in Polynesian culture, and why they are still common today. When a Polynesian person chooses to get a tattoo, they are doing more than simply picking out a design that they like. Choosing a tattoo that has significance beyond aesthetics is a very spiritual process. People in ancient Polynesia believed that they were stronger because of the tattoos that they had on their body.

There Are Different Polynesian Tattoo Styles

Polynesia isn’t a single island, like some people think. It is made up of several islands, and each of those islands has its own unique culture. In addition, every island has its own style of tattoos.

Tattoos evolved in different ways on different islands. Islands had different tattoo masters, and those tattoo masters were the ones that passed their knowledge down to their apprentices. With that said, there are common styles and designs that you can find in most Polynesian tattoos.

As an example, the Lapita design is something that you can find on almost every Polynesian island. It is also common to see geometrical designs shared throughout the different islands. If you have a passion for tattoos, or if you are simply interested in Polynesia, you should try to learn more about the history of Polynesian tattoos.

In places like Polynesia, tattoos have a very deep significance. If you take the time to study these tattoos, you will be able to learn a great deal!

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