At Manoa we had an enjoyable Hiking Tour (9/27/23)

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At Manoa we had an enjoyable hiking tour, although the weather was somewhat muggy and the waterfall itself didn’t rank as the best.
The majority of today’s Ohana hailed from Japan(Tokyo/Kobe/Hiroshima), with four visitors joining us from the Continental U.S. Phoenix/San Francisco which included two individuals from the Middle East(The father practiced Karate for 30 years). I tried my very poor Arabic😔, but they spoke Persian, also known as Farsi, the Indo-European language family. It is related to languages like English, French, and German. Arabic is a Semitic language and belongs to the Afroasiatic language family. It is not related to Indo-European languages. Awesome to learn from the source🙏.
( Should I learn “Farsi” and not “Arabic”🤔 ).
Yesterday’s rain added a slippery element to the hike compared to a dry day.
On a positive note, true beauty isn’t always visible to the eye, but rather felt through our connection with the power of nature.

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