Marisa and the Whales (COTW Episode 002)

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If you’ve ever wanted to experience whales up close then you will find this week’s Clip of the Week (COTW) from Marisa to be truly special.

A long-time enthusiast and supporter of marine life, Marisa is not just one of our photographers for the Dolphins and You tour, but she also has a degree in Marine Biology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

She has always wanted to swim with humpback whales.  In fact it was on her bucket list for quite some time.

The thing is, it is actually illegal to go out and seek whales and swim with them.  The only way to have it happen is if you are lucky enough to already be in the water when they swim near you. There are huge fines to go out and jump in the water when you see whales swimming by.

Needless to say, the odds of you already being in the water when this happens — even in Hawaii — is pretty slim.

And the odds of swimming with whales when you happen to have underwater camera gear with you is even slimmer!

So you can imagine how excited Marisa was when she saw not just one whale, but a pod of three whales swimming by when she was in the water with her camera gear!  Well, you don’t need to imagine it, because that is what she shares with you this week on the latest episode of the COTW.

Check it out here:

Big congratulations and kudos to Marisa for sharing this amazing and rare footage on our YouTube channel.

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Amazing whales in the water, taken by Marisa!

What exactly is the Photographer “Clip of the Week”?

At And You Creations we love our photographers, guides, crew and drivers.  Without them we’d have to change our name to “Only You Creations“, because they are the integral pieces of the puzzle that make this whole thing work.

So, we’re really happy to announce the inaugural season and episodes of our new video series: Clip of the Week (COTW).

Each week one of our amazing photographers is going to share some video footage they’ve recently taken.  But unlike the clips we normally post on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, these are coming straight from them to you.

We’ve told them to share whatever clip resonates with them.  The only limitation is that it should be family friendly.  Other than that, sky’s the limit!

We know our photographers have incredible creativity and artistic sensibilities.  So we are thrilled they can have this opportunity to share it with all of you.

One week you might see some dolphins in the water.  The next week you might see something on the boat … or a guest … or an interesting cloud formation.  It can be anything, as long as it really speaks to the photographer and they feel compelled to share it with all of you.

We can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Credit where credit is due

Of course, if you’d like to join our tour and let Marisa know how awesome she (and her footage) is, then be sure to come join us on the boat for your own dolphins swim experience with Dolphins and YouClick here to learn more about the tour, or click right here to book your tour now!  🙂

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