Meet the Team Thursday: Hey Yui!

Hi everyone! Welcome to our new column, “Meet the Team Thursday”, where you’ll get a chance to meet our crew at Dolphins and You, and getting a little insight into our world here in Hawaii. We’ll also share some of our favorite spots around the islands to help you get a sneak peek at some of the things you should check out on your Hawaii vacation. Can’t wait to meet you in person!
This week we’re talking to Yui, one of the veteran team members here at Dolphins and You. She’s SUPER awesome and we know you’ll think so too once you meet her. When I chatted with Yui, here’s what she wanted to share with you…

So Yui, what inspired you to work with Dolphins?

Well, I’ve always loved dolphins, but when I finally swam with dolphins in the wild 18 years ago, I felt something very special from them and I was so in love with them. They really make me happy all the time. To work with dolphins was my dream, so my dream came true!

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We’re so lucky to work with Dolphins every day, but Yui in your opinion, what makes Dolphins magical creatures?

I believe dolphins have healing energy. And science also proves that almost all the people get positive, high energy (theta wave) after they swim with dolphins. I would say this is the highlight of the tour for me – swimming with them. And I also love our cheerful crews 😉


That’s awesome! So what should first timers see when they visit Hawaii?

Definitely see Lani Kai beach for the sunrise. You have to see the nature while you’re here in Hawaii. It’s very beautiful!


And how about spots to eat? We want to know where the locals go!

I love
Plumeria Beach House for breakfast. Here you can enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean, and the pancakes with milky sauce is really good. And
Cafe Miro for dinner. As for Cafe Miro, I use this place for special occasions. The chef is Japanese, but he was trained for French cuisine in France and Australia. He got an award called “America’s Top Tables”. Everything is delicious!

Ok, so what is your favorite thing to do when you’re not swimming with Dolphins?

I enjoy dancing Hula and I like to meet my friends, chat with them, and eat nice food.

Sounds like fun! Thanks for chatting, Yui!

Thank you and I hope I get to meet some of you in person 😉


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