Meet the Team Thursday: Hi Mai!

Hi everyone! We’re back with another installment of Meet the Team Thursday and this week we’re talking to one of our tour guides, Mai. Let’s hear about her experience and what inspires her every day!

Mai it’s great to chat with you this week. So tell us what inspired you to work with Dolphins?

The day when I swam with Dolphins for the first time in my life, I’ll never forget it. I got an offer to be a Dolphin tour guide from my friend – I could not believe it! It was such an amazing coincidence. 

Wow – what a lucky one you are! In your opinion, what makes Dolphins magical creatures?

Well the Dolphins, like humans, show us a different face and mood everyday. I always feel that today is the first day I am meeting the Dolphins. I never get tired of swimming with them. They are very smart and I feel that they come to me to communicate with me. Swimming with dolphins is for me like a meditation. 
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That sounds very special, Mai. What’s the highlight of the Dolphin tour for you?

You can really feel the true Hawaii on our tour. We pray for a safe trip with a traditional Hawaiian ritual before departure. It really sets the mood for the tour and gets us in touch with the ocean. We have many local Hawaiian staff and they entertain you, dance hula, play Ukulele, and have fun with the guests. They have a lot of Aloha Spirit!

Yeah, our tour is definitely special and so is our crew! What is one place that someone should see while they’re on their Hawaii vacation?

I think the best place in Oahu is the West coast of the island. There are so many secret spots to see. It’s like each side of the island has its own vibe and I really like the calm energy of the West coast.

Sounds relaxing! So tell us, what is your favorite thing to do when you’re not swimming with Dolphins?

I really love to do Yoga at the beach, as you can see in the picture. It’s nice to do yoga in a natural atmosphere like the beach and we have so many beautiful beaches here in Hawaii to see. But even on my days off, I swim with dolphins because I also like to take pictures of marine life and so it’s good to get out in the water and be with nature. Sometimes I like to go to nice restaurants with nice friends and I also like cooking. 

Speaking of restaurants, what is your favorite place to eat and drink in Oahu?

I like the restaurant called “Sushi Bay” at the Kapolei shopping center on west side of Oahu. The poke bowls are a good price and their servings are pretty big. But it’s busy sometimes, so be prepared to wait. It’s worth it though! And when I’m not out eating with friends, I love to cook at home and eat with my lovely husband.

Awesome, Mai! We look forward to hanging out with you on the next Dolphins and You tour! Aloha!

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