Meet the Team Thursday: What’s Up Kaina?

This week we’re talking to our man behind the scenes: Kaina the Operations Manager. He’s the guy who keeps everything running smoothly so that our guests have a positive and memorable experience on the Dolphin tour! Let’s see what he’s got to share with us; that’s him in the middle below 😉



Tell us, Kaina, how did you get your start working with Dolphins?

More so than being inspired to work with Dolphins, I always loved the idea of working in the ocean. I grew up playing in the ocean: body surfing, surfing, boogey boarding, diving and canoe paddling. I was working at a tour on the east side where we took guests body boarding, snorkeling and hiking and when I moved to the west side I ended up meeting a captain who worked with Dolphins and You. He brought me on the boat and I loved what I experienced. Ten years later and many great experiences later, I’m still here!

So glad you’ve been part of the team for so long. So give us your impression of the Dolphins.

Dolphins are amazing creatures for sure. But I see Dolphins as I see humans, and most other animals. All experiencing and handling struggle, triumphs, tribulations, family, threats, joy, hardships and love.

New Call-to-action What would you say is the highlight of the tour for you?

The highlight of the tour for me is seeing our guests happy. It is rewarding to see people overjoyed after a great tour. It is a positive feeling that is super contagious! People should see the west coast from the top deck of the Ariya while taking our tour at Dolphins and You. I think everybody should check out the view of the captain’s seat of the best tour on the island. I feel like we have one of the best jobs in the World and would love to share the view with everybody visiting Oahu!

I know – what a great feeling! So any recommendations on what folks should see during their visit to Hawaii?

My advice for visitors to Oahu on their Hawaii vacation is to come and join Dolphins and You for a unforgettable tour.  We’ll share Hawaiian traditions and culture, swim with amazing native animals, eat some yummy cheeseburgers, and have a great day on the ocean!


Ah yes, the famous taro cheeseburgers. So what do you do when you’re not running things here at Dolphins and You?

I’m a family man on my time off. I love being in the comfort of family. Probably strumming my ukulele or guitar. Or maybe playing video games or watching TV with the family. 

Sounds nice! So tell our guests where they should catch a bite to eat.

Well, my favorite place to eat in Oahu is at my brother’s house. He’s the chef of our family and is an amazing cook. I love barbecues in his backyard!

Hey, I want an invite! Thanks so much Kaina and looking forward to meeting more of our guests and crew!




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