Meet the Team Thursday: What’s Up Susumu!

Hi everyone! Today we’re talking with Susumu, who is one of our energetic and super awesome tour guides. You’ll definitely get a chance to meet him on your Hawaii vacation when you come and do the Dolphin tour. His energy is infectious! Let’s hear about his experience and he’ll also share some of his favorite places to eat all over Oahu.


Susumu, it looks like you’re always having so much fun on the tour. Tell us what inspired you to work with Dolphins.

To me Dolphins are the most amazing creatures I this planet! Just looking at them from the boat makes me feel relaxed, peaceful. Inside the water it’s just like they have the power to purify our souls. Hopefully everyone can try swimming with Dolphins in Hawaii at least once in their life. It is amazing!

Definitely! So what makes Dolphins magical creatures in your opinion?

The fact that I believe they don’t belong to this planet. They are such special creatures. We are so lucky to get to spend time with them in the water every day.

We are very lucky. What is the highlight of the tour for you?

Getting together with the Dolphins is the most amazing thing. But the fact that because of them and their special energy, there are people who didn’t know each other before the tour and at the end, we all become friends in a huge Ohana!


What is one place that someone should see while they’re visiting Hawaii?

Mauna Kea on the Big Island. It’s a dormant volcano that is the highest point in the state of Hawaii. It’s even taller than Mount Everest. There’s lots of hiking trails that you can do when you visit. It’s a great way to see some of the nature that we have here in Hawaii.

Wow! Sounds impressive. So when you’re not swimming with Dolphins, what do you do in your free time?

I like to stay at home with my family. I also like to get out and go for a bike ride. I also like to spend some time in Waimanalo, inside the Bellows. This is on the eastern side of Oahu and it’s a beautiful place to see.


Cool! And what advice would you give to people coming to Hawaii for the first time?

Be respectful. That means to be respectful to the people, their culture, and to Nature. We have an amazing Hawaiian culture and lots of beautiful nature and we want to share it with you!

Great advice, Susumu. Okay, last question…what are some of your favorite places to grab a bite to eat?

I like to eat, so I have a lot of favorites. For Italian food, try Arancino di Mare which has a great antipasto misto. Great if you like seafood. And Bernini is good too and uses lots of local ingredients. For a good steak, check out Signature at Ala Moana Hotel. The food is amazing and so is the view from the top of the hotel. And if you like Japanese, my favorites are Inaba, Rinka, and Wasabi. You really can’t go wrong at any of them. They’re all delicious!

Okay, now I’m starving Susumu! Thanks for talking with us today and we’ll see you out there swimming with Dolphins in Hawaii on the next tour!

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