Iyasume Musubi: Local Favorite Snack on And You Creations!

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Musubi, a delicious handmade rice ball, has a rich history that dates back centuries. Originally conceived as a portable meal for travelers, it has become a symbol of good luck. The origins of Musubi can be traced to World War II when it was served to soldiers stationed in Hawaii. Today, it has evolved into a beloved snack, cherished by locals and appreciated worldwide. For many Hawaiians, Spam holds a special place as a comfort food. The relationship between Hawaii and Spam goes way back, and it has become a staple in local cuisine. Musubi often features Spam as a key ingredient, creating a unique and delightful combination that captures the essence of Hawaiian comfort food.

We are proud to serve Musubi from Iyasume Cafe, where every Musubi is crafted by hand. This local gem has been serving Musubi to both Hawaii’s local communities and tourists alike, winning hearts with its authentic flavors and meticulous preparation. As you join our Turtles and You or 1 pm Whales and You tours, get ready to experience a culinary adventure with our exclusive Musubi offering. The handmade creations from Iyasume Cafe are set to elevate your experience, making your journey not only visually stunning but also a treat for your taste buds.

We offer three delightful varieties of Musubi: SPAM Musubi, Salmon Musubi, and Hijiki Musubi during our And You Creations’ tours! Whether you’re on the Waikiki Turtle Snorkeling Tour (Turtles and You) or the Winter Season Humpback Whale Watching Tour (Whales and You), you have the opportunity to savor these delicious local favorites from Iyasume Cafe. Don’t miss the chance to enhance your post-ocean tour experience with the delicious flavors of Musubi.

*Please note that for the 7 am Whales and You tour, we serve Poi Mochi Donuts from Liliha Bakery, while the 1 pm Whales and You tour serve Musubi from Iyasume Cafe.”

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