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Once home to over one thousand native Hawaiians, Waimea Valley is rich in cultural and historical significance. The valley has changed hands many times since it’s original inhabitants. From Polynesians to colonizers to the military constructing temporary weapon installations following the attack on Pearl Harbor, to private ownership for the purpose of making it an amusement park, to the OHA (Office of Hawaiian Affairs) who ensured that the valley would be preserved in perpetuity. But you may ask, what makes this valley so special? Let me explain.

The original Polynesians who resided in the valley used a caste system, meaning they were born into their social class where they would remain. The Mauka (Mountain side) people were responsible for hunting, gathering, and harvesting plants such as kalo (Taro plant) and the Makai (Ocean side) people were responsible for fishing, harvesting limu (seaweed), among many other things. The native Hawaiians found this system to be highly beneficial for the entire population, they did not believe in private ownership, therefore everything was shared evenly amongst each other. With no sense of selfishness or greed, these Hawaiians were able to coexist in complete harmony. Something that today’s world could learn from.

All in all, Waimea Valley is an incredibly special place, not only for its beauty but for its history and culture. If you would like to experience the magic of the valley, the best way to do so is by joining Nature and You: Waimea Valley guided hiking tour. On this excursion you will start the day with breakfast and coffee from a local coffee farm, then you will enter the valley and your guide will educate you on botanical, cultural, and historical information. During the hike, you have the opportunity to engage in the different Native Hawaiian exhibits as well as interact with the local artisans who use the valley to teach their craft that their ancestors used centuries ago.  At the end of the valley, there is a 40ft waterfall that you can swim in (conditions permitting). This Is a great way to cool off from the hot sun that shines down on Hawai’i daily. On the path back to the entrance you will stop for a healthy lunch and some refreshments before heading off to the last stop of the day which is the iconic Dole Plantation! 

When building the Nature and You: Waimea Valley tour, And You Creations had one goal in mind, to share with and educate our highly valued guests about the beauty and cultural significance of Waimea Valley in a respectful way. With Mālama I Ka ‘Āina (to care for and preserve the land) as a priority, we have had the honor of working with Hi’ipaka LLC, who oversees operations within the valley. They taught us everything there is to know about the valley and how to best preserve it. On every tour, our guides will remove invasive plant species, pick up trash, and remove dead plants from exhibits, in which guests have the opportunity to participate in as well. And You Creations has sponsored the game site to ensure it remains in good order and can be effectively used to teach and entertain its guests. Come be a part of this special opportunity and join Nature and You: Waimea valley to experience everything the valley has to offer and give back to it! 

Nature and You

Waimea Waterfall Swim with Mini-Breakfast & Lunch!

Adult(12+): $149
Child(3-11): $134
Infant(0-2): NA

25% Off Promo: WATERFALL25

*This hike is 3 yrs old and up and considered Easy!

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