Winter Fun Alert: Hawaii’s Cool Whale Tour!

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If you are planning a trip during the winter season in Hawaii, here’s a super cool idea for you: the Humpback Whales Tour! This amazing experience happens only from December to March in Hawaii.

Imagine this – huge Humpback whales travel a super long distance, about 4,828km, all the way from Alaska to Hawaii. They come here to have babies and take care of them in the warm Hawaiian waters. It is like a big family vacation!

When it is summer again, these awesome whales go to different places to find yummy food. So, seeing them in Hawaii is a special treat, only from December to March.

Whales and You, have a fantastic Humpback Whale Tour just for you. The tour takes place in the morning so you can see the whales better. And, to make it even more awesome, they provide you tasty donuts from Liliha Bakery with a cup of hot coffee. Whales and You also care a lot about Hawaiian traditions. During the tour, they share cool things like traditional chants (E Ho Mai) and hula dance performances. 

Plus, did you know Humpback whales make musical sounds underwater? With special hydrophones, Whales and You lets you listen to these whales songs!

Here’s a heads up – seeing whales isn’t guaranteed because it’s Mother Nature. But, if you don’t spot them during the tour, Whales and you give you another chance for free. So, plan this awesome tour early in your Hawaii trip!

And There’s more good news – Whales and You is offering a 15% discount! Just type the promotion code ‘WHALES15’, and you will get a cool discount.

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Don’t miss out on this super fun winter adventure! Boo your Humpback Whale Tour with Whales and You today.

[More information about Humpback Whales]

Let’s talk about Humpback whales – those super cool giants of the sea! They are about 39 to 52 feet long. These whales have a special trick called breaching. It is when they jump out of the water, make a big splash with their tails, and then dive back in. Imagine a huge whale doing a jump – it is like nature’s own show! 

Even though they mostly look black, humpback whales have some white spots on their belly, chest fin, and tail fin. These spots are like their own unique tattoos, helping us tell one whale apart from another.

Humpback whales love to eat shrimp, small fish, and tiny floating creatures called plankton. They have this cool way of eating – it is like they are sipping their food through a giant straw made of special plates in their mouths. 

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