Heart and You

Connect with Oahu through meditation and yoga

Spiritual Healing in Paradise

Embark on a Healing Journey

Why experience spiritual healing in Hawaii?

What is Heart and You?

Heart and You promises you the opportunity to reconnect your mind and body.  Our three-day retreat includes yoga on the beach, locally produced healthy, organic food, and the ancient Hawaiian healing art, Lomi Lomi massage.

Take the time to reconnect with your inner self and explore your spiritual nature.  Hawaii is the perfect location to utilize the natural beauty of a tropical paradise to facilitate a journey of self discovery.

Contact us today to learn how you can find the connection between your Heart and You.

About the Spiritual Lifestyle

Learn the spiritual lifestyle and refresh your body with yoga and health foods! Enjoy a four-day retreat of swimming with dolphins and retrieving nature’s energy from Hawaii’s natural power spots.  Richard Holland, owner of And You Creations, will personally take you on this spiritual journey.

Tour Leader: Richard Holland

His daily spiritual lifestyle starts with a morning yoga and healthy food.  richard lived in Japan for over 20 years and can speak Japanese fluently.

Tour Schedule

Day One

  • Meet at the Heart and You offices in Waikiki
  • Enjoy a welcome lunch at a local organic cafe, Kaimana Farm Cafe
  • Check in at your accomodations
  • Go for a swim in the beaches of Hawaii to receive natural energies
  • Sunset yoga to realign your chakras
  • Enjoy a dinner made with local vegetables and seafood
  • Heart Circle

Day Two

  • Early morning yoga session
  • Breakfast of fruit and cereal
  • Lani Kai Beach
  • Lunch at Ai Love Nalo
  • Ulupuo Heiau
  • Makapuu Healing Pool
  • Shopping at Whole Foods
  • A dinner of local vegetables and fish
  • Heart Circle

Day Three

  • Swimming with dolphins in the ocean
  • Lunch at the organic farm, Kahumana Farm
  • Visit Kaniakapupu (Hawaiian Power Spot)
  • Dinner with local vegetables and fish
  • Heart Circle

Day Four

  • A breakfast of fruit and cereal
  • Heart Circle
  • Return to the airport or Waikiki

Tour Details

Here are additional details about this tour

Hawaiian Power Spots

These are places on Oahu with special healing and spiritual resonance and energy.

Lani Kai Beach

This white sand beach with cobalt blue water is said to be the most beautiful on the east coast of Oahu. In Hawaiian, ‘Lani Kai’ means, “the sea of heaven”. Lani Kai Beach is known for its view of two small uninhabited islands, Mokulua Islands. Relaxing and comfortable, this is a perfect beach to be healed.

Ulupuo Heiau

The Heiau temple is to celebrate the God of Agriculture. In the ancient days, there were constant water flowing out from the Ko’olau Mountains which made the land rich in Taro and fish. The guardian here is called the God of Hina and God of Mo’o

Makapuuu Healing Pool

Ancient Hawaiians performed rituals of spiritual cleansing at Makapu’u Healing pool when the balance between the heart and body were not in sync. To be purified, they would raise a chant, soak their bodies in the sea, and drink the sea-water. The healing pool overlooks the two Heiau, which worshiped Gods of fishermen.


This place is known as the ruins of summer residence of Kamehameha III. Before the palace was built, it was used to heal and treat fatigued travelers. The forest next to the ruins is called, “The Fairy Forest”, and a river called, “Miracle River”.

Organic Cafes

Organic cafes visited during this tour only uses local organic ingredients.

Kaimana Farm Café

Tour Fee

Heart and You
$ 1,350
  • Airfare not included

  • 4 or more participants required

  • Dates TBA


Additional Details

The heart circle is a time to talk, play cards, or just relax.

Accommodations will be in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii

Depending on the weather and various circumstances, the content of the tour may be changed or cancelled.

We will be asking you to sign an exemption statement before participating in our tour.

Please be sure to have your own overseas health insurance.

Suitcase is limited to 1 per person.