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At AYC we embody the aloha spirit and Hawaiian culture through our unique tours! Discover the aloha state with us and experience true paradise.

Our tours will offer you the opportunity to see, feel, and explore Hawaii’s beauty, culture, and history. Join us for an unforgettable experience and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Let us show you how we live aloha!

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Dolphins and You

Swim with Dolphins in their natural habitat

The longest running and highest rated dolphin swim tour on Oahu! Swim with dolphins in the wild, snorkel with Honu turtles and experience true Hawaiian hospitality and entertainment!

Nature and You

Hike the Manoa Falls Trail!

Discover the beauty of this tropical paradise and learn the history and culture of a favorite natural spectacle. Manoa Falls Trail's lush forests lead you to the awe-inspiring Manoa Falls, where history and nature collide!

Island and You logo

Island and You

Eat Local, Feel Local!

Explore the island of Oahu through it's history, landscapes and food! As you circle around the island our guides give you a glimpse at the amazing culture and background of Oahu while introducing you to the local flavors of Hawaii.

Treasures and You

Unique local branded goods

Rekindle your memories of Hawaii with our unique custom-branded goods. From clothing to gifts, we'll make sure you have treasures that will remind you of your amazing journey to this tropical paradise!

Heart and You

Spiritual Healing in Paradise

What better place than Hawaii to reconnect with your true self? Uncover your inner heart through traditional healing arts such as yoga and meditation. The best version of you is waiting to be discovered!

Dream and You

The experience you've always dreamed of

Create your dream experience in this tropical paradise. Whether you are saying goodbye to a loved one, starting your life together in a special way, or want a custom island experience, we can give you the experience of your dreams.

Ocean and You

Private chartered boat tours

We provide private tours for you, your family, friends and colleagues. It combines the best ocean tour experiences on the island, in an intimate, private setting with the people you know best.