3 Under-The-Radar Things To Do In Oahu

Hawaii is an island paradise in blue Pacific. You will sense that there is more than meets the eye when you visit Oahu. While the major tourist attractions like Waikiki and Disney’s Aulani are must-go places, don’t limit yourself to popular places. We prepared an insider’s guide, so you can wonder around in Oahu just like a local. If you would like to have an exceptional vacation, here are 3 under-the-radar locations in Oahu you must visit – we assure that these hidden gems will surprise you!


Blend of culture and nature: The Malaekahana State Recreation Area

The tranquil waters of the Malaekahana State Recreation Area is definitely worth a visit. This 32-acre recreational campground with 40 campsites offer the perfect aura for you to re-connect with yourself. You are also welcomed with the options of bodyboarding and canoe rides. Some visitors even swim to the Mokuauia Island to see the multitudes of seabird nests! The area is also very close to the Polynesian Cultural Center, so you can stop by to see some local crafts and arts.

A historic walk into WW2: The Aiea Loop Trail


The Aiea Loop Trail on Oahu has a hidden treasure: the pieces of a B-24J Liberator from World War 2 lies at the trail. The memorial plaque there gives the details of the accident – a crew of 10 took of from the Hickam Force Base, and hit the Koolau mountains as they were heading to Australia for a mission. Along with this glimpse of history, the hike also offers amazing views of Diamond Head and the Waiana mountain. 

Shopping and Dining like a local: the Laie Beach Park


Just drive on, and head to the North Shore. Also known as Pounders Beach by the locals, Laie Beach Park is located at the northeast corner of the island. There is a lot to do at this beach – you can swim, paddle, and boogie board! The good news is that it is close to the town, so if you absolutely need an internet connection, or would like to shop, you can always drop by. Also, Hukilau Marketplace is really close by car ride, and you can treat yourself to a cold coffee and snack. You won’t see a lot of tourists in this area, so this is also a great spot to interact with the locals!

Some people just stumble upon these secret places, but who’s that lucky?! If you would like to have an exceptional experience, make sure to check out some of these things to do in Oahu. You will have a unique story to tell, and special moments to remember!


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