A local’s guide to the perfect day on Oahu

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When visiting Oahu, navigating the long lists of tours and attractions can be difficult. Skip the stress of making those tough decisions and follow our guide for the perfect day on Oahu.

Stop #1: Brazilian Breakfast 

Start off your morning by picking up authentic Brazilian acai bowls from Tropical Tribe. This small storefront is tucked away in the Discovery Bay shopping center, often going unnoticed to travelers. 

Under Brazilian ownership, they spare no expense in creating the only truly authentic acai bowl on the island. They offer other Brazilian specialties such as Pão De Queijo and Guarana soda.  

The staff doubles as talented baristas and knowledgeable acai experts who are happy to share more information and make recommendations for your order. 

Stop #2: Dolphin Watching and Snorkeling (Dolphins and You)  

After satisfying your taste buds, it’s time to head towards Oahu’s Leeward coast also known as the west side. Here, you will have the opportunity of a lifetime to see the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins on Oahu’s best Dolphin tour 

Arrive at the Waianae Harbor around 10:45am for check-in. You will be greeted with aloha by the friendly crew and welcomed aboard the 56ft double-decker boat. This tour has been recognized consecutively for providing the number one dolphin experience and by the end of the tour you’ll know why!

There are several features that make this tour stand out from the others 

  1. 20ft Waterslide, Kayaks, and Paddle Boards 
  2. Delicious Lunch Bentos
  3. Hula Performance 
  4. Unmatched customer service

Stop #3: Secluded Beach 

After the tour, cruise further down the west side to the beautiful Yokohama Bay. This secluded beach is the perfect place to relax in the warm sand listening to the gentle crashing of the waves. 

If you are looking for an adventure, follow the Ka’ena point trail from the beach all the way down to the North-Western tip of the island. 

The hike takes you down the coastline and around the corner entering the north shore. This area is a bird sanctuary and a spiritual place in the Hawaiian culture. It is believed that after death, your soul passes through this point on its way to heaven. 

Stop #4: Sunset Dinner with an Ocean View 

As the sun begins to set, pack up your things and make your way to dinner with a view at The Beach House by 604.

This restaurant is located right on the beach making it an ideal place to watch the sunset as you enjoy fresh seafood and a variety of other local favorites.

Some of their most popular dishes are the coconut shrimp, mac nut mahi, and signature 604 burger.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

With a satisfied stomach and traffic hour passed, you’ll have a comfortable ride back to Honolulu. Reflect on your favorite moments from the day and remember them forever by picking up the Dolphins and You tour USB. 

Spend the rest of your evening as you see fit.  Exploring Honolulu’s nightlife or resting for tomorrow’s adventure.  

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