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Try variety of amazing Asian cuisine in Waikiki

First of all, let me introduce an authentic Asian style restaurant located near And You Creations in Waikiki. What I think so great about this place is that they have very delicious drinks from all around the world. The drink menu has various types of beer and cocktails that you cannot drink in one place. And the food is wonderful which you can choose a variety of types of Asian cuisine. It is a fantastic place to enjoy with friends and family to get together.


The ambience of the Agalco

Around Waikiki, there are lots of different types of Asian style restaurants you can choose from. Although there are lots of choices I really recommend this restaurant because the service and the ambiance inside this place will just amaze you.

The food tastes perfect and I my self is from Asian origin and let me say that I haven’t tasted somewhere this good for a while. And I am just shocked that this place is not that packed.

What really made me happy about this place was that the service being great. The waiters and waitress really treated me like nice guests and I really enjoyed how smiley they were when serving the food. To me I think that customer service is important and I think they aced it on my score.

So is it worth going here?

As a suggestion I highly recommend for people to go here. Even though it may seems like a normal restaurant with normal food It’s worth going to come here on a visit. It’s right across And You Creations office. And it’s really close to the Waikiki central area. Agalco also has Happy Hours so it would be nice to have like light meal with drinks. Even though everything sounds good the prices here are not too expensive and it is quite affordable.

Location of the place

AGALICO Oriental Bistro
320 Lewers St
tel: (808)926-232
hours: 11:30am – 3:00pm / 5:00pm – 2:00am

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