AYC NEWSLETTER [December 2023]

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Aloha to AYC Ohana!

Merry Christmas! As the year comes to a close, we hope you are doing great. In Hawaii, Christmas tress are adding a touch of festive cheer to the city with the warm sunlight! While our holiday vibes may differ from the chilly scenes elsewhere, the warmth of the season is felt by all. And You Creations had the pleasure of hosting guests from around the globe throughout 2023. We sincerely appreciate the support and love from everyone! Looking ahead to 2024, we are excited about the journey ahead and count on your ongoing support. Mahalo! 

And You Creations has started new operations of the Turtle Trolley as of December 18th, 2023. We are happy to introduce the Turtle Trolley as an exciting addition to our premium tours. This convenient shuttle service will enhance two of our popular tours: ‘Turtles and You: Waikiki Turtle Canyon Snorkeling’ and ‘Whales and You: Humpback Whale Watching’. Moreover, the Turtle Trolley will provide complimentary transportation from Waikiki to key Oahu destinations, including Diamond Head, Ala Moana, Kakaako SALT, and Whole Foods.


Featuring charming sea turtle designs – a symbol of Hawaii – the Turtle Trolley not only serves a practical purpose but also adds a fun ride with warm Hawaii breeze during your trip. We invite you to experience the joy of riding these unique trolley as you explore the beauty of Hawaii.

Whales and You: Humpback Whale Watching Tour has officially kicked off in December! Each year, humpback whales explore on a remarkable 3,000 mile journey from Alaska to the warm waters of Hawaii for birthing and nurturing their babies. As we enter this whale season, these cool Mother Nature, treat us to breathtaking performances in Hawaii’s oceans. You will enjoy a unique experience during our tour, as we drop a hydrophone into the water to listen to the live vocalizations of whales, their singing! Check out this video recorded from last year! Don’t miss this special opportunity, as Humpback whales only visit us during the winter season! 


Established in 1989, And You Creations began its journey by operating Hawaii’s first dolphin swim activity, known as ‘Dolphins and You’, off the coast of Waianae on the west side of Oahu, Hawaii. In July 2017, we introduced the brand ‘And You Creations,’ dedicated to providing premium tour experiences. Our diverse offerings include:

     – Dolphins and You: Oahu Dolphin Cruise

     – Nature and You: Manoa Falls Hiking

     – Nature and You: Waimea Falls Hiking + Swim

     – Island and You: Oahu Circle Island Tour

     – Turtles and You: Waikiki Turtle Canyon snorkeling

     – Ocean and You: Waikiki Sunset Party Cruise

     – Whales and You: Humpback Whale Watching

To explore these exciting adventures, please click the box below.

As a member of AYC Ohana, we are pleased to offer you a special discount!

And You Creations has achieved the ‘Sustainable Tour Operator Partner’ Certification from the Sustainable Tourism Association of Hawaii (STAH). We are dedicated to preserving Hawaii’s unique natural environemnt and host culture by promoting responsible tourism.

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