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A Rare Encounter on the Dolphins and You Tour!

On November 2nd, around 10:56 AM, the crew of the Dolphins and You tour experienced a once-in-a-lifetime event. They came face to face with orcas, also known as killer whales, near Yokohama Bay. Spotting Orcas in the waters around Hawaii, including Oahu Island, is relatively uncommon. Although orcas are distributed globally in oceans, they are more frequently observed in colder, higher latitude regions like Antarctica, the Arctic, and specific parts of the North Pacific and North Atlantic Oceans.

While encountering orcas in Hawaii isn’t out of the realm of possibility, such sightings are infrequent. The Hawaiian Islands boost a diverse marine life, featuring humpback whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and various fish and coral species. Just imagine the electric excitement that filled the air as our tour crew and guests aboard our vessel caught sight of these awe-inspiring creatures. It was truly a sight to behold, a natural spectacle that only a fortunate few get to witness up close. 

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The rarity of Orcas in Hawaii prompts the question: Why are they here?

While Orcas don’t communicate their intentions, it’s hypothesized that they followed Humpback Whales from the colder Pacific Northwest waters to the warm coastal waters of Hawaii. Orcas, as apex predators, prey on various marine life, including fish, squid, dolphins, whales, seals, and even Great White Sharks. The presence of Great Whites in Hawaii is also linked to the migration of Humpback Whales, which visit the islands during winter.

Dolphins and You, ecstatic about this unprecedented encounter in 20 years of operation, invite adventure seekers to join their Dolphin Watch and Reef snorkel tour for a chance to witness these magnificent Orcas in Hawaii’s waters. Book now for a unique ocean safari experience!

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