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This November And You Creations unveils its latest and greatest asset: a new boat! Dolphins and You is excited to be able to share the unforgettable experience of swimming with dolphins with more people than ever before.

Dolphins and You currently serves up to 40 guests per tour on a one-story, 39-foot catamaran. The new monohull, dual-engine, 55-foot powerboat will boast two stories and an expansive front deck ideal for spotting marine life. Both boats share the same name of Ariya.

The two-story vessel will travel more than 4,000 miles from where it was built in Louisiana before landing in its new home. Once it arrives, Dolphins and You will be ready to celebrate!

New Boat FeaturesOahu Dolphin Swim Tour Water Slide

The new boat will serve up an entirely new experience for Dolphins and You. Slide down an impressive new 15-foot water slide from the second story into the ocean, then rinse off with the on-deck showers and lean into the wind against the Titanic-style railing on the front deck!

The boat will also accommodate new changes to the tour, such as a buffet-style meal and dolphin watching from the top deck.

But all of the favorite aspects of the tour schedule, from the E Ho Mai flower ceremony to the hula performances, will remain the same. And they’ll be even easier to enjoy around the boat with a surround-sound system!

From Then to Now

Old School Dolphins and You Tour


It’s hard to imagine the humble beginnings of Dolphins and You, knowing how far it’s come.

The tour started with owner Richard Holland and a big dream: to share the life-changing experience of swimming with wild dolphins with Hawaii’s visitors. Using all of the money he had, he purchased three kayaks and started paddling guests out from the beach.

What started as three kayaks became 10 kayaks, and then 12. Before long, Richard had employed half of the Makaha Canoe Club to paddle out guests. The experience eventually became Hawaii’s first state-permitted wild dolphin swim tour.

In the years that followed, the tour moved into the Waianae Boat Harbor and began operating from power boats. Since the kayak days, the tour has operated from four different boats. This year will make it five.

Book Ahead


The best part about the updated experience is that the price stays exactly the same – $156 per adult and $124 per child (2-11 years old) – the same price they have been for years!

When you book your tour more than 60 days in advance, Dolphins and You will apply 15% off the price of your booking.

Experience the new boat for yourself!

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