Meet the Team Thursday: Hi Mayumi!

Mayumi is one of the friendly faces you’ll see when you visit us on your Hawaii vacation. She helps with the tours and also keeps our back office running smoothly. Let’s chat with her and learn more about her passion for Japanese drumming culture!

Hey Mayumi! Thanks for sitting down with me this week. So tell us what inspired you to work with Dolphins?

I fell in love with Dolphins during a trip to Hawaii when I was younger. It was then that I decided that one day, I would grow up and work with these beautiful animals. Luckily today I am getting to live my childhood dream.

You’re very lucky! Lots of people dream of coming to Hawaii to swim with the dolphins. What makes them magical creatures?

Dolphins are magical because they can navigate or recognize objects through the waters using echolocation, relying on more than just their eyesight. They can even find ways to have fun by blowing bubbles or catching waves. It’s a joy to see them in their natural habitat here in Hawaii.
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Awesome! What’s the highlight of the tour for you?

The highlight of the tour has to be that you can see other wild sea creatures in the ocean other than the Dolphins. You sign up to see dolphins and end up taking pictures with turtles, fishes, and sometimes even whales! There’s so much marine life here for us to enjoy in Hawaii.

That’s true. So what is one place that someone should see while they’re visiting Hawaii?

Lanikai Beach! The water is so clear, the sand is super soft, and the pictures doesn’t do it justice. Definitely take some time to get out there and don’t forget your camera!

Ok, it’s on our list! What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not swimming with Dolphins, Mayumi?

When I’m not swimming with dolphins, you can find me either swimming in my pool or practicing the Japanese Taiko drums. There’s so much involved in the Taiko tradition and I learn a lot about the history and culture through this musical movement. If you can, see a performance while you’re here.

Sounds beautiful. How about a bit of advice for visitors to Oahu?

Don’t forget to protect your self with SPF and sunglasses! You don’t want to go home in pain. You’ll need them on the Dolphin tour and pretty much any other activity you do.

Good advice. What’s your favorite place to eat and drink in Oahu?

Ichiriki. They have the best hot pot to warm up your body after a day in the ocean. It’s their specialty, the “nabe” specialty as it’s known in Japan. And they have a few locations so you’ll have to check them out while you’re here on your Hawaii vacation!

Sounds delicious! Thanks for chatting Mayumi and we’ll see you on the Dolphin tour!

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