Former Starbucks Staff Opens Honolulu Cafe, Morning Glass Coffee

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Aloha everyone!
Today I would like to introduce a cafe that I often go. The cafe is called Morning Glass and it is located in Manoa area. The cafe is in a very nice neighborhood and is filled with local people. Recently the Cafe was introduced on magazines and is starting to get popular by tourist as well. What is so special about this cafe is that one of the former Starbucks staff has built this cafe.

A man named Eric Rose is from Seattle and was one of the leaders in starting Starbucks. His cafe has coffee made with special blends and all the coffee beans are picked from Hawaii while it’s fresh and roasted at the cafe. The cafe has a reasonable pricing and has a great coffee to drink. If you have time in Hawaii it is a very nice place to stop by and enjoy a cup of coffee in Hawaii.

Inside the place it looks very Artsy

Delicious food with coffee

Coffee with heart makes the day

The menu here looks very stylish

Affordable prices on menu

Lot’s to choose from

Scones here smells delicious

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