The Hawaiian Tropical Botanical Garden and Onomea Bay

Aloha! Hawaii welcomes you to the greatest preservation of natural history and pristine beauty in the Middle of the Pacific Ocean. The “Garden Valley by the Sea” lies 8 miles north of the town of Hilo on the largest Hawaiian Island. Look for signs along the 4 scenic miles of Hamakua Scenic Drive if you plan on driving yourself to this magnificent display of natural beauty.

The Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden is a living catalog of the most beautiful plants and flowers from across the globe. Scientists, nature lovers, artists, and photographers have come from the four corners of the globe to bask in the beauty of this pristine tropical attraction.

The Garden boasts a proud collection of well over 2,000 different species of plants from over 125 different families, and 750 genera in their meticulously cultivated natural environment. The garden is situated in a 40-acre valley that functions like a year round greenhouse. The fertile volcanic soil and protection from strong winds make this place ideal for many plants that could not grow elsewhere.

Visitors to this corner of paradise will be met with winding nature trails that slip through a tropical rainforest. These trails meander by majestic waterfalls and captivating streams that gurgle in tune with the sounds of the Hawaiian coastline. The exciting ocean vistas provide a glimpse of the Pacific’s rugged coastline.

The Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden is a non-profit organized for scientific and educational purposes. Their mission is to function as a natural sanctuary and center for studying the trees and plants of the tropical biomes, and also as a living seed bank. With this as their goal, the Garden is a center for collecting and displaying the world’s tropical flora.

In addition to the extensive research being conducted here, the Garden is also dedicated to educating both young and old to the need for respecting and preserving the rainforests of the world. At this point in history where rampant human expansion is eliminating our forests at an alarming rate, the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden is working to preserve the plants our future generations will certainly appreciate.

At the back of the Onomea Valley is the scenic four mile route and the Garden’s main entrance, surrounded by a beautiful tropical rainforest. There is ample parking here at the Garden’s visitor station where the courteous staff can fill you in on all the information on the Garden’s history, natural wealth, and current activities.

The visitor center is built within a beautiful lanai with a thatched roof supported by authentic Hawaii Ohia logs. Here you can also find a comfortable place to sit an enjoy the beauty of the Onomea stream and the surrounding rainforest.

Right across the street is the entrance to the Garden. There you can find some helpful park keepers who can answer your questions and usher you through the gates to the paradise on the other side. Be sure to go slow and heed the directions of park staff as you explore the beauty of this natural reserve!

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