Hawaii’s interesting facts about culture

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Hawaii is the Top 5 for being the smallest state in United States. Hawaii is a small state but it is very diverse for having many cultural influence from all around the world.

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Food Culture

What’s so amazing about the island of Oahu is that we have China Town that has great Chinese food that you can enjoy a lot. China town has one of the best Dim Sum in town. Click here to get more info about China Town

People can enjoy the best Japanese food by visiting the Waikiki Yokocho. Waikiki Yokocho has one of the best authentic Japanese style foods in Hawaii. From Ramen to Sushi and Tempura people can feel like your in Japan with the Japanese Ambience inside Waikiki Yokocho. Click here to get more info about Waikiki Yokocho info


The top main picture posted is not from Japan but, it’s actually from Hawaii. The place is called Hawaii Kotohira Shrine and it is the one of the most famous shrines here. Shrines are believed to bring people good luck! Click here to get more info about the Shrine

Mu Ryang Sa Buddhist Temple is also another amazing spot to check out. It’s a very nice Korean style temple that you can only see in Korea. If there is time it’s another destination I highly recommend to go visit. For more info click here


Going to the beach and hiking the mountains is amazing but, discovering new culture and enjoy the food and heritage is a blast. You will definitely love your stay in Hawaii if you find the deep parts of Hawaii that is not on Tour Guide books. Please feel free to ask questions for places on comment section below and I will be happy to answer your questions.

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