How to Swim with Dolphins in Oahu, Hawaii

how to swim with wild dolphins in oahu, hawaii

You’re excited. Your bags are packed and you’re ready to head out to the beautiful islands of Hawaii for a family vacation. There’s a lot of activities to choose from. You can snorkel, surf, hike, go on a helicopter tour, or visit one of the stunning beaches to catch some rays. So many choices, so little time. But let me ask you a question…

Have you ever wanted to swim with dolphins Oahu?

Frolicking around in the open waters surrounded by a pod of dolphins can be exhilarating. They’re intelligent, enjoyably playful, and friendly to humans. Dolphins have to be the most amazing creatures of the sea. They’ve been known to help fishermen round up schools of fish so they know where to cast their nets, helped the military with rescue efforts and in locating underwater mines, and have even come to the rescue of humans who’ve encountered problems.

It’s very entertaining to watch dolphins as they love to jump out of the water, sometimes as high as 30 feet, and even spy above the water to view their surroundings. Because they’re mammals, they’re mostly found near the surface as they come up for air every 20 to 30 minutes.

Because they’re very comfortable around humans, dolphins make the perfect swimming partners. There are things you need to know before making your vacation plans to hang out with the lovable mammal.

How to Swim With Dolphins

There are 2 ways you’re able to swim with dolphins. We go over the pros and cons below.

Marine Parks and Aquariums

Pros – It’s easily accessible to humans.

Cons – Dolphins are in captivity and people don’t realize the harsh realities that exist when this happens. Dolphins are very social and they enjoy swimming long ranges in the wild. In captivity, they can’t communicate, hunt, or play like they’d be able to in the wild. Often times, they live shorter lives due to injury and disease they can get from constant human contact within a small area.

In The Wild (Open Waters)

Pros – Dolphins are in their natural habitat. They swim freely and stay in the comfort of their pod. If they want to leave to go hunt or find something else playful to do, they can. Humans have the ability to take a tour on a boat with guides who understand the dolphins… where they like to swim and to monitor their behavior. The trip on the boat with the guides is extremely fun.

Cons – It’s important not to get excited and swim fast to them. Let them approach you or they could be scared off. Not easily accessible to humans if no tour company is located nearby.

Places To Swim With Dolphins in Hawaii

There are several places to swim with dolphins in Hawaii, mostly on the islands of Hawaii and Oahu. You have choices of marine parks, aquariums, and open water tours. Like we stated above, not only is it more beneficial for the dolphins to swim in the wild, it’s also better for you. You’ll enjoy the open waters, open skies, fresh air and an amazing scenery looking back at the islands of Hawaii.

It’s important to be prepared for the open waters though. Make sure you’re a strong swimmer, listen to your guides, and relax. The dolphins are more likely to approach you if you’re calm and not in a hurry to approach them. The more you relax, the better your experience!

Go On a Tour

Your best experience will no doubt come on a tour with Dolphins and You. Our crew members are the reason we’re the best dolphin tour company in Hawaii. They have an incredible passion for the sea, are CPR certified, and have the most fun on the trip out to where you’ll swim.

Before you set out to sea, you’ll enjoy the E’Ho Mai Ceremony. We sing and give you beautiful flowers before you head out on your journey. After swimming with the dolphins, we’ll head over to one of the local sea reefs so you can snorkel and take pictures with the friendly tropical fish and sea turtles in the area.

But that’s not it! If you’re still up for some fun in the water, we’ll strap you into a kayak or stand you up on a paddle board for some relaxed time on the calm waters near the shoreline. You’ll smell something fantastic in the air as the Captain will be grilling you up a blissful Hawaiian cheeseburger to sink your chops on after your day in the water is finished.

If you’re a dolphin fan, your next Hawaiian vacation should include booking a venture with Dolphins and You to make a day of it and swim with the dolphins. Don’t forget your GoPro camera! 7-Day Hawaii Vacation CTA

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