When is Whale Season in Hawaii?

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Answer: From December to May, Whale season is in full effect for the islands of Hawaii.

Whale Migration to Hawaii

Each year, thousands of Humpback whales migrate from Alaska to the warm waters of Hawaii. This journey of about 3000 miles takes them anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks each way.

The Humpback’s visit the Hawaiian islands for two reasons, to breed and to give birth. This migration is necessary because the Alaskan waters are unsafe for the calves in their first months of life. The humpback’s main predator is the Orca, also known as a Killer Whale. Orca’s reside in Alaska and colder waters and prey on both the baby and adult humpbacks. Aside from this predator, the cold alaskan waters pose another danger to the calves who do not have enough blubber to keep them warm.


Humpback whales feed on Krill which are tiny crustaceans that, unfortunately, are not found in Hawaii. As a result, the whales must wait until they return to Alaska at the end of the season to feed. When they arrive they weigh up to 50 tons and by the time they leave the Hawaiian islands, they’ve lost half of their body weight.

Teaching their Calfs

After giving birth, the mothers begin teaching their babies how to swim and help them build up strength for the trip back to Alaska. On whale watching tours , you can often witness them breaching and diving down along the coast.

Whale Tale

When diving down, the iconic view of their tale is on full display. The bottom of a whale’s tail is unique, the same way that human fingerprints can identify them.

If you capture a picture of the whale’s tail, you can submit it to whale identification sites for more information about that whale. They can tell you things like its name, age, and places where it’s been spotted. If the whale has not yet been identified, you will have the opportunity to name it yourself!

Seeing their tail as they emerge back into the water, often signifies that they are taking a deep dive and will often remain underwater for extended periods of time. Full-grown humpback whales can hold their breath for up to an hour while the babies can only stay under for a fraction of that time.


Humpback whales have a lifespan of about 45 to 50 years and throughout that time they migrate through different areas based on their stages of development.

Whale Tours

Hawaii is truly the most magical place to view these whales because you’re able to see them bonding with their children for the first time and relaxing in the warm waters.

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Whales and You is a tour that operates out of Honolulu in Oahu, Hawaii. Aside from an unforgettable experience with the Humpbacks, this tour includes a hula performance, traditional E Ho Mai ceremony, and a light breakfast consisting of coffee, juice, and pastries.

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