‘Made In Hawaii’ Souvenir Shopping In Waikiki

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When shopping for souvenir’s in Waikiki, you may find yourself disappointed when inspecting a potential gift to bring home to friends and family as you turn the item over just to find that little gold sticker that says “Made In China”. Unfortunately this is all too common among the touristy souvenir shops throughout the city. There are a limited amount of places selling items that are made right here in Hawai’i.

First, there are local artisans and vendors who will occasionally set up a booth here and there where they are selling goods that they made by hand! This is not only a great place to find a gift to bring back home, but also a great way to support a local family and the economy here in Hawai’i. Another option is to make your way over towards Pearl Harbor, where you will find the famous ‘Aloha Stadium Swap Meet‘ where vendors erect their booth’s around the stadium. Here you will find a mix of local artisans, small businesses, and food trucks! However, you will still come across some of those dreaded gold stickers.

A great way to find items truly from Hawai’i is to venture outside of Waikiki. Island and You: Circle Island Guided Bus Tour will pick you up in Waikiki and take you around the island visiting towns that are not as commercialized as Waikiki. The less touristy of the are, the more likely it is that you will find some locally made items. Although, there is one hidden gem in Waikiki where you find items actually made in Hawai’i

Treasures and You is the newly renovated office space for And You Creations: Hawaii’s premier Tour Company. Not only does it serve as a space to create, but it also contains a retail store filled with branded goods, as well as non-branded items. Many of these items are made by local businesses! Such as soaps made in Maui, Koa wood epoxy crafts from Big Island, health products grown and packaged in Kaua’i. As well as many more great gifts for yourself, and friends/family back home. Located in the heart of Waikiki, Treasures and You is the best place to find authentic, made in Hawai’i souvenirs while doing some Waikiki shopping. Not only can you find yourself some great souvenirs, but you can also book one of many tours that And You Creations has to offer. With 7-different premier excursions, you are sure to find the right one (or multiple) for you and your family! So come on down to Lewers street and look for the Dolphins on the side of the Watumull building!

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