Meet the Team Thursday: Hey Allie!

She’s the one making us look good for all of you reading, our photographer and videographer, Allie! Here’s her story and even a few tips on how to take some good pictures while you’re here on your Hawaii vacation!


Alright Allie, so what inspired you to work with Dolphins and why are they magical creatures?

 Well, I have always been fascinated by the ocean and especially marine mammals. Dolphins are magical creatures because they are playful, intelligent and graceful.  

They definitely are! So what’s the highlight of the Dolphin tour for you?


The highlight of the tour for me is the first moment when I lock eyes on the dolphins underwater. Every experience with them is so different that it’s always a surprise how they will behave each day. Sometimes they will come close to our group and circle us, do jumps and flips out of the water, or allow me to swim side by side with them while I photograph them.  


Speaking of photography, can you give our visitors some tips on how to get some great shots while on vacation and on the tour?


For sure! Here are my photography tips:


– Take advantage of the incredible scenery in Hawaii!  Frame your portrait photos to include the dramatic landscapes, sunsets, and tropical plants.  Often by just adjusting your point of view by a few steps or a different angle, you can enhance your pictures by adding more scenery to them.
– Always keep your camera ready!  Exciting and memorable moments can occur at any time.  Sometimes natural candid pictures or action shots without poses are the best.
– When photographing fish and dolphins, make sure to be mellow in the water and approach the creatures slowly, if at all.  Often, they will come to you.
– Keep practicing!  The more you shoot the more options you will have and soon you will be able to develop your own style.

Thank you – those are great tips! So what should people see while they’re visiting Hawaii?


When visiting Oahu, I recommend that you take a drive alongside the east side of Oahu past the Ka Iwi Coast. It is one of the most scenic drives alongside rock cliffs and beautiful ocean views, and there’s several lookout points for photo opportunities. In the winter sometimes you can even spot whales from this coastline.

Sounds gorgeous. Tell us what your favorite thing to do when you’re not swimming with Dolphins.


When I’m not swimming with dolphins, my favorite thing to do is go hiking in the mountains and jungles of Hawaii.


And what would you tell first time visitors to Hawaii?


Spend as much time outside exploring as possible!  There are so many amazing outdoor experiences possible on Oahu and I recommend trying something different everyday.

So speaking of trying new things, what’s a place that we should check out on Oahu?


My favorite thing to eat on Oahu is an acai bowl from Haleiwa Bowls on the North Shore. It’s healthy and refreshing and you can add any fruity toppings that you want!


Sounds tasty! Thanks Allie and looking forward to seeing more great pictures and videos from you.



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