Meet the Team Thursday: Hey Toshi!

We’re back for another installment of Meet the Team Thursday, and this week we’re talking to one of our sales team, Toshi. Maybe you’ve had a chance to talk with him when booking your Dolphin tour for your upcoming Hawaii vacation. Let’s get to know this cool dude!

So Toshi, tell us what inspired you to work with Dolphins and You?

The employment agency I was working with introduced me to this company and since then, I have learned a lot about dolphins. Now I’ve found out that they are really something special. They always live in happy and fun energy, they are free to play forever. I want to be like them!

Ha – me, too! In your opinion, what makes Dolphins magical creatures?

To be honest, I didn’t really know about Dolphins until this job, but I am now a big fan of them. They have a mischievous nature. They are always looking for something fun, but also take care of each other very well. It’s hard to express, but I could just tell you they are such incredible beings. Everyone should have a chance to swim with Dolphins in their lifetime.

I agree. So what’s the highlight of the tour for you?

You can feel the Aloha spirit from our staff members and enjoy Hawaiian style entertainment on the boat. We all do a lot to make sure our guests have a unique, safe, fun, and memorable experience. Come out and visit us!

Speaking of visits, what is one place that someone should see while they’re visiting Hawaii?

The beaches are so beautiful, but the mountains in Hawaii are also very beautiful. I would definitely recommend hiking. We’ve got some great
hiking in Oahu if you don’t want to go very far, but nature is the best here in Hawaii.

Sounds like a great day activity! Tell us Toshi, what is your favorite thing to do when you’re not swimming with Dolphins?

I enjoy bodyboarding, hiking, and shopping for fruits when I have days off. The fruits I shop for are for my smoothies and I hope to find new fruit combinations.

Yum, sounds delicious! How about a bit of advice for visitors to Hawaii and Oahu.

There are so many beautiful beaches other than Waikiki beach!
Get off the beaten pathand do some adventures. Also, you can find so many hiking trails for different purposes and levels. Everyone can enjoy them.

Cool! Ok, last question, what is your favorite place to eat in Oahu?

My favorite restaurants are Tenkaippin Ramen and Maui Mike’s. At Tenkaippin Ramen you can add different toppings which is great and at
Maui Mike’s the fire roasted chicken is perfect any time of day. You won’t be disappointed!

I need that now! Thanks for chatting with us Toshi and we’ll see you in Oahu with Dolphins and You!

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