Meet the Team Thursday: Hi Richard!

This week we’re talking to our fearless leader, the man who started it all…Richard! Richard has an infectious passion for Dolphins and the magnificent marine life and ocean that we see every day at work on the tour. Let’s chat with him and hear about his perspective on this amazing experience…


So tell us Richard, what inspired you to work with Dolphins?


First of all, it’s never about working with them. It’s about playing with them. I read Joan Ocean’s “Dolphin Connection” and was amazed and intrigued by her direct experience with them. Also, she inspired me with her proclamation that dolphins are here to help humans raise our consciousness. So, on my honeymoon twenty-five years ago,  I flew to Hawaii. I needed to experience this for myself. In fact, the encounter with them was out of this world. My life was changed forever. I knew it would be my mission to share this wondrous time with everyone.

In your opinion, what makes Dolphins magical creatures?

They live in total peace and harmony in their environment. Their cooperation is impressive. They are truly ‘Angels of The Sea’. Maybe that’s why they’re always smiling. They know something we don’t.


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What’s the highlight of the tour for you?


 To be honest, the whole tour itself is a highlight. From the dolphins, to the sea turtles, to the whales, to the rainbows. And the wildest creatures – my Dolphins and You crew, who dance, make music, entertain and orchestrate a special aloha experience for our guests.

The crew is fantastic! So what is one place that someone should see on their Hawaii vacation?


Can’t tell you. It’s a secret. Just kidding.! That’s a hard one. Every part of the island is special and unique. I suggest you go out and let the tradewinds take you where they will.

So obviously your passion is swimming with the dolphins, but what do you do in your free time?

I am a naturalist. I like the hiking trails, the pools, waterfalls and, of course, the ocean. I mean, there is a splendid venue, Manoa Falls, pretty close, easily accessible from Waikiki.

So you’re the expert on Oahu – give us a bit of advice our visitors


Mix it up. Don’t just go shopping in Waikiki. Eat at a ‘local’ restaurant. Jump on da bus and go anywhere! Surprise yourself. Leave the crowds behind. Certainly, go to the North Shore. Kaimuki is an interesting neighborhood with its cafes and local flavor. China Town has atmosphere, especially at night with music clubs, too.

And any favorite place to eat or drink in Oahu?


I recently found a place in Manoa Valley near the University of Hawaii which I really like. It’s a Japanese restaurant called Tsukuneya that features traditional food with a contemporary twist in a modern but warm, comfortable atmosphere.


Sounds delish! Thanks for sharing your story Richard and can’t wait to be back with the Dolphins!



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