Meet the Team Thursday: Hi Kim!

This week we’re talking to one of our team photographers, Kim. She’s SUPER cool and is one of the folks who hops in the water daily to bring you all those great tour photos you see on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds. Let’s chat with Kim and learn a little more about her amazing path to joining our team at Dolphins and You and her tips for your Hawaii vacation!


Hey Kim, so what inspired you to work with Dolphins? 

Honestly, I never thought I’d work with dolphins. I entered this world as a volunteer research photographer years ago, whilst earning my education degree at the University of Hawaii. However, the first time I got into the water and met the wild Hawaiian spinners, my life was forever changed. I immediately went back to the university to earn my marine biology degree so I could learn as much as I could about the world of cetaceans. There is something magical about dolphins and whales, and the ocean they call home. The spinners I have the pleasure to work with as a photographer have literally changed my life. They have helped me to find my passion. I’m now a professional field research photographer and I get to work on this amazing tour as well! I owe them my life and I love them for it. 

That is really inspiring and awesome that you live your passion daily! In your opinion, what makes Dolphins magical creatures?

Dolphins are magic because they see into your soul.  I don’t how much simpler to explain it. 
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Wow! So what would you say is the highlight of the tour for you?

Aside from seeing my dolphin friends, my most favorite thing is watching the guests and capturing the photo moments of humans meeting the dolphins for the first time. I smile as I witness lives being changed and bucket lists being checked off – all because our guest have met the amazing spinners!

So speaking of bucket lists, what is one place that someone should see while they’re visiting Hawaii?

Hmmm, good one. Aside from meeting the spinners. I’d have to say La Mariana Sailing Club.  Best Tiki bar/restaurant ever. Tell them Kimberly sent you! 😉 This place is 65 year old tiki restaurant and bar with open walls, a waterfall, and a ceiling held up by hand carved tikis. The original owner passed away about 8 years ago and she left the place to three of her trusted and veteran waitresses. To eat, the best time to go is evenings from about 5:30 to 8:30. They have two blind musicians playing at night(Lance and Ben). They are AMAZING!! And they love crowd encouragement!! But about the food…they are known for their Cajun Ahi & poke and to drink the “must have” is a Zombie or Mai tai. The view opens to the west with sail boats in the foreground, so sunsets are breathtaking.  Just thinking about makes me long to go!

Alright Kim, so I’m getting hungry now! Tell me what is your favorite thing to do when you’re not swimming with Dolphins?

I love to surf (or mostly fall!), explore the reefs for other ocean creatures to take photos of, and hike. 

Okay, it was awesome chatting, but how about a bit of advice for visitors to Oahu?

Take time to breathe in the magic, it’s all around.  Don’t pack your trip so full that you forget to relax and be thankful for being alive and lucky visit paradise. 

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