The Launch of the New ‘Ariya’

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This November marked a monumental milestone for Dolphins and You and its mission to share dolphin swim tours with the world.

The tour has invested in an all-new 55-foot power boat! After selling the old ‘Ariya’, Dolphins and You upgraded and got a new, bigger ‘Ariya’. The new boat is about 15-feet longer and can serve more than twice as many tour guests. It will also have a surround-sound system, Titanic-style front railing and an impressive 15-foot water slide.

The boat arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii in early November after being shipped across the country. After it was wrapped with Dolphins and You branding, proven safe and seaworthy on a sea trial, and outfitted with an new sound system, it was ready for the week’s big events!

Boat Blessing Ceremony


Upon the boat’s arrival, the whole company staff gathered to give the thanks and blessings. As the sun set over the Waianae Boat Harbor, the excitement could be felt all around.

The ceremony began with a company-wide group photo. Then one of Dolphins and You’s guides, Kaiona, performed a beautiful traditional Hawaiian oli (chant) and mele (song) that thanked the land and the sea for blessing the company and allowing its guests to continue experiencing swimming with dolphins.

Afterward, CEO Richard Holland explained the company’s rich history. He shared that came to Hawaii after his first daughter, named Ariya, became sick. Ariya passed away, but the new boat lives on in her name. He expressed the importance of making a connection with nature and finding peace through a journey of self discovery, much like his own.

Dolphins and You Staff Photo

In the heat of that emotional moment, the boat launched away from its slip in the boat harbor. Soon after the onlookers from the shore waved the boat away, the crew began a chant performed on every tour: E hō mai. The meaningful Hawaiian words ask for safe passage and share gratitude.

As the sun sank beneath the horizon, an electric energy flowed through the crew knowing that the next day would be the first public tour.

The First Tour

Swim with dolphins on a Dolphins and You tour in Hawaii

The long-awaited first tour on the new ‘Ariya’ finally came on November 7, 2018.

43 guests from around the world boarded the bus to Waianae Boat Harbor and were accompanied by CEO Richard Holland. When the guests saw the new boat, they were thrilled to be the first people outside of the company on board.

At the first drop in the water, a huge mass of dolphins showed up in perfect water clarity. After that guests were able to explore both decks and the huge bow at the front of the boat.

Included in the tour were all of the same traditional elements that have become Dolphins and You staples: the E hō mai chant, hula and musical performances. The tour guests were also the first to experience the boat’s all-new 15-foot water slide. And from the looks of it, it was an absolute blast.

Dolphins and You New Water Slide

After the successful first tour, the crew celebrated once again. They knew it was the first of many, many more to come!

When you book your tour more than 60 days in advance, Dolphins and You will apply 15% off the price of your booking.

Experience the new boat for yourself!

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