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About the spiritual spot

Today we will like to share about the powerful Hawaiian goddess “Pele” and her sacred grounds. “Pele’s Followers” is a special place located in North Shore Oahu, known for it’s powerful energy and healing.

Location of spiritual spot

“Pele’s Followers” is located near the west side of Pupukea Beach in North Shore. The beach is behind a community of houses, although it might be a little difficult to access there is a small path that leads up to a beautiful beach with lava rocks. The rocks are made out of lava. In total there are about 8 huge rocks laying on the beach.

Amazing thing about the spiritual spot

Inside “Pele’s Followers” features 8 unique rocks. Each rock is approximately about 3 meters long (9 feet).
The rocks have a history that took place a long time ago, which is believed to bring good energy to the land.
In the story of Pele’s Followers, it is explained that Pele has visited the island of Oahu and on this land, resided villagers who wanted all the bad spirits to go away. Pele has decided to turn 8 of her followers into rocks in order to get all the bad spirits away. After the creation of the Pele’s Followers resulted with a positive energy and happy villagers.
Today, the Pupeka Beach is a very special place that can get purge all the bad energy and transfer into a good energy.

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