Things to do in Hawaii this Christmas🎄✨

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🎄✨ Hawaii for the Holidays: Unwrap the Fun with These Festive “Things to Do”! ✨🎄

Aloha, holiday enthusiasts! If you find yourself in paradise during the most wonderful time of the year, fear not – Hawaii has a sleigh-full of Christmas cheer and exciting “things to do”! Let’s unwrap the island magic together:

1. Dolphin Wonderland: Dive into Festive Fun! 🐬🎁

Begin your holiday escapade with a Dolphin Watch Tour – a unique twist on the classic Christmas carol. Watch as dolphins dance through the waves, creating a marine wonderland that even Santa would envy!

2. Luau Noel: Hula All the Way! 🌺🎄

Swap snow for sand at a Christmas Luau. Feast on traditional Hawaiian fare, enjoy the rhythmic hula dance, and maybe even spot Santa in a grass skirt. It’s a tropical Christmas extravaganza!

3. Sunset Sleigh Ride: Santa’s Warm-Up for the Big Night! 🌅🛷

Santa needs his rest too, right? Catch a magical Hawaiian sunset, where the sky transforms into a canvas of warm hues. It’s like Santa’s own sleigh ride, but with more aloha shirts and fewer reindeer!

4. Oceans and You Christmas Cruise: Sleigh the Seas in Style! 🚢🎅

Sail into the yuletide joy with the Oceans and You Sunset Cruise. Imagine celebrating Christmas Eve surrounded by the soothing sounds of the ocean, festive lights, and a cool sea breeze. It’s the North Pole with a tropical twist!

Visit: for a special New Years Eve Countdown Cruise happening this New Years Eve at 11pm! 🎆

5. Snorkel Jingle Bells: Underwater Merriment! 🎶🐠

Snorkeling takes a festive turn! Dive into the clear blue waters adorned with Christmas coral and join the underwater caroling. Who knew fish were such fans of “Jingle Bells”?

6. Christmas in a Nutshell: Pearl Harbor Exploration! 🚢⚓

Uncover the historical side of Christmas at Pearl Harbor. Tour the USS Arizona Memorial and Pacific Aviation Museum – a poignant reminder of the past, sprinkled with a touch of holiday reflection.

Visit : for more information!

7. Nom Nom Noel: Gourmet Treats Galore! 🍲🎁

Treat your taste buds to a Christmas feast Hawaiian-style. From pineapple-glazed ham to coconut-infused desserts, Hawaii’s gourmet scene knows how to serve up holiday cheer on a plate.

8. Surfing Through the Snow: A Tropical Christmas Tradition! 🏄‍♂️🌨️

Swap snow-covered slopes for sun-kissed waves! Whether you’re a pro or a surf newbie, catching a wave is the perfect Christmas adrenaline rush.

9. Starry Christmas Nights: Heavenly Celebrations! 🌌🎇

Cap off your holiday adventure with a bit of stargazing. Hawaii’s clear skies offer a celestial Christmas celebration – the stars twinkling like Christmas lights in the tropical night.

10. Mele Kalikimaka Merriment: Spread the Christmas Spirit! 🤙🎄

Embrace the local holiday greeting – “Mele Kalikimaka” – and share the Christmas joy with the islanders. Attend local events, markets, and spread the spirit of aloha during this festive season!

In Hawaii, Christmas is a unique blend of island vibes and holiday magic. So, pack your Santa hat and flip-flops – the “things to do” list for a tropical Christmas adventure awaits! 🎅🏝️ #HawaiianHolidays #MeleKalikimakaMagic

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