Sacred Hawaiian Tea (Only in Hawaii)

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Shaka tea is from a hand gestures that local people in Hawaii used to greet people. The hand gestures for Shaka is very special since it has started in 1800s. A sugar mill worker named Hamana Kalili who lost his 3 fingers while working was thinking of a good way to greet people. What’s so special is that no matter what happens in your life always believe in yourself. Each individual that takes action makes a huge difference.

Shaka Tea are from Mamaki leafs which are high in mineral and is from volcanic soil on foothills of Mauna Loa. Studies say that Mamaki leafs contains different type of antioxidants which are very healthy for body.

It seems that this tea leafs were not commonly used at present time and was used for curing illness during the history. It was very recent when people started to use Mamaki leafs again.

Another thing that makes Shaka Tea so special is that 3% of profits will go to Ho’oulu Aina Foundation.

If you have chance definitely try there tea because it will make you feel healthy with antibiotic substances.




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