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• Snorkeling In Oahu •

If you are visiting Hawaii on vacation then snorkeling in Oahu is a must! Hawaii comprises of over 80% of the coral reef in the United States and is home to more than 7,000 different species! More than a quarter of this marine life is endemic to Hawaii, meaning they are native and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. This makes snorkeling in Hawaii a prime and unique destination!

snorkeling in Oahu hawaii coral reef snorkel ocean boat tour sea urchin
Coral Reef is sometimes referred to as the ‘rainforest’ of the sea

• Coral Reef Facts •

Coral reef may resemble a rock formation but it is in fact a living organism and is essential to the ocean as it provides oxygen, food, and shelter to aquatic life. When snorkeling you can expect to find a variety of different fish, types of coral, sea stars, urchins, crustaceans, and if you’re lucky maybe a turtle or two! Not only is the reef beautiful, but it provides food, protects our beaches from erosion and storms, and also makes surfing possible; the shape of the coral reefs contribute to wave sizes and breaks. The best way to experience Hawaii’s unique sea life is to jump in the water and see it for yourself!

snorkeling in oahu snorkel hawaii dolphins and you fish things to do underwater ocean swim
Hawaii offers some of the most pristine snorkeling

• Snorkeling Tips: •

  • Snorkel with a buddy!
  • Ensure you have proper gear: snorkel, snorkel mask, fins, and a floatation device if needed.
  • Protect yourself from the sun! Apply sunscreen, but opt for a reef safe one. Sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate are harmful to the reef and can cause bleaching to the coral. You can also choose to go chemical free and wear a rash guard to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Because of the delicate nature of coral reef, avoid standing or touching the coral as this will damage it and can be harmful to the ecosystem.
  • Look, but don’t touch! Always be respectful of the marine life, you’re in their home after all!
  • Join a snorkel tour and be worry free!
snorkeling in oahu hawaii snorkel trumpet fish coral reef things to do dolphin tours swim
This little guy is called a trumpetfish or nūnū
snorkeling in oahu snorkel in hawaii dolphins and you waikiki starfish sea star boat tours snorkel tours swim with dolphins
This is a Pin Cushion Sea Star, did you know that starfish are not really fishes but echinoderms?

• Eco-Friendly Tours: •

Dolphins and You provides a snorkeling excursion as part of our swimming with Hawaiian spinner dolphins tour. Dolphins and You is certified by the HEA, the Hawaii Ecotourism Association, as a Certified Sustainable Tour. Our tour provides rental rash guards as well as rash guards available for purchase. Snorkel gear is included with the tour and purchasable as well. We promote the use of reef safe sunscreen, recycling, and always pick up trash out of the water. We strive to keep Hawaii beautiful so that people can enjoy it for years to come.

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Honu love to hang around coral reef because it provides them with algae to eat
snorkeling in oahu snorkel in hawaii dolphins and you boat tour Honolulu moray eel
Did you know there are no snakes in Hawaii? We do have eels though; this is a Moray Eel.

As a company, Dolphins and You is committed to protecting Hawaii’s unique natural environment and culture through the promotion of responsible travel and educational programs, relating to sustainable tourism for residents, businesses, and visitors. We are devoted to promoting environmental stewardship, cultural sensitivity, community well-being, and quality education within the travel and tourism community.

dolphins and you snorkeling in oahu snorkel in hawaii boat tours clean your beach oahu
The Dolphins and You crew picked this tangled net out of the ocean. Debris like this can seriously injure and even kill marine life.


Join a Dolphins and You tour today! Swim and snorkel with wild spinner dolphins, Honu sea turtles, tropical fish, and more! We are located at 307 Lewers St. #401 Honolulu, HI 96815 Give us a call today at (808) 696-4415!

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