The Best Time of Year for a Wedding in Hawaii

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Congratulations! You’ve gotten engaged and are now considering Hawaii as the location for your destination wedding. To make sure everything goes smoothly on your big day, consider some of these factors for the best time of year for a wedding in Hawaii. Then you can get started planning the details of your dream Hawaii wedding!


Well luckily the weather in Hawaii is an ideal temperature to have a wedding ceremony in paradise. The average temperature is 75 to 85 degrees, year round. The seasonal change is minimal, although you’ll find spring bringing a bit more rain. Make sure that you bring up the weather issue with your vendors and the location you choose for your big day. Some vendors will relocate the wedding at no charge, while others might charge a fee. It’s best to know ahead of time so that you’re not caught off guard.

Spring has lots of rainbows, moderate temperatures ranging from 60-85, and it’s still a good time to go whale-watching as the whales still spend time in the Hawaiian waters until early spring.

Summer lends itself to warmer temperatures and longer days, so if you want to have beachside festivities that go past the sunset hours, host a summer wedding. You and your guests can enjoy the party under a balmy, starlit sky.


Another thing to consider when planning a date for your special day is who is on your guest list. Will it be a lot of families with children? Or is it an upscale, adults-only affair? Giving some consideration to this factor is important because you’ll want to plan around summer vacations and school breaks for a family-friendly event. Also, if your wedding is during peak holiday travel season like December or early January, give your guests advanced notice so that they can get a good price and seat on their flight to the islands.

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If you’re on a budget, try having your wedding in low season, which is spring or fall. Fall is great because the weather is still warm and there’s a lower chance of rain for a beachfront ceremony. This is a great time of year because your guests will have a better chance of getting a deal on a flight and lodging since rates at this time of year are significantly lower than the rest of the year.


Most likely, you’ll be coming from out of town for your destination wedding, so make sure that any vendors you want to use are available for your chosen date. Check with florists, caterers, beauty salons, photographers, and anyone else you’re thinking of using well in advance. During peak holiday season, like December, many vendors are also booked with Christmas and New Year’s festivities so book your date far enough in advance to ensure all the special details for your dream wedding.

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Some other things to consider when trying to figure out the best time for a wedding in Hawaii is things like extra activities. Will you stay in Hawaii or venture off to another destination? Are there certain activities you and your guests want to participate in? Schedule some time for golfing, hiking, swimming with dolphins, or relaxing at the spa and treat you and your guests to an unforgettable destination wedding!

In addition to charting out seating arrangements and picking out that dream dress, figuring out the best time to getting married in Hawaii is now a little easier with our helpful tips. We hope to see you soon!

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