The Most Romantic Spots for a Marriage Proposal in Hawaii

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Planning a proposal can be tough. You want it to be memorable, something that speaks to both of your personalities and the relationship, and sometimes there’s even an element of surprise involved! If you’re planning on popping the question in our beautiful islands, let us help you with some ideas of the most romantic spots for marriage proposals in Hawaii.

1. Sunset Cruise

If you’re looking for an intimate experience that combines a sunset view, book a small catamaran ride out of Haleiwa on Oahu’s North Shore. Or if you’re on the more remote and secluded Kauai, try booking a ride on a traditional sailing canoe for you and your beloved. Maybe you’re more the party type and you guys will want to dance the night away after you pop the question, so consider booking a sunset cruise on one of the larger boats out of Honolulu Harbor that comes with live music, full bar, and a festive atmosphere to celebrate your new love!

2. Waterfall Wonders

If you and your sweetheart are more the adventurous type, why not combine an active hike to some of the world’s most picturesque waterfalls?  Our one-hour hiking tour leads to the base of Oahu’s 150-foot-tall Manoa Falls or if you’re on the big island, a short stroll will lead you to Akaka Falls, which are super striking at 442 feet!


3. Proposal at the Top of the World!

You’ll not only want to gaze at the sparkle in your sweetie’s eyes, but at the magnificent sky above from some of these vantage points in Hawaii. Mauna Kea Observatories are an astronomy lover’s paradise and away from the bustle of the tourist crowds. Or if you are in Honolulu and want to escape from the city, drive up to Mount Tantalus via Round Top Drive where you can view this skylit city which is as gorgeous as the lookout point. Propose to your beloved as the sun is setting and the lights of the city begin to sparkle in the distance.

4. Animal Friends

Nothing is more romantic than the natural energy of animals, so if you and your sweetie are animal lovers, how about proposing alongside horses while you horseback through Waipio Valley. The valley is the perfect setting for a romantic proposal with its breathtaking cliffs and quiet solitude. Or if you want to swim alongside the magical healing energy of dolphins, how about joining us on our Dolphin tour? You’ll combine some memorable adventures with romance here in Hawaii for sure!

Marry Me Written in the Sand

5. Long Walks on the Beach…

For something simple, and just as romantic, how about a walk along a private beach? Kealia Beach on Maui is one of the longest beaches on the island and its secluded away from the sunbathers and surfers so you’ll have plenty of time to connect with your love. Or try Lanikai Beach, which is great for a romantic sunrise proposal because it offers the breathtaking views only seen on the eastward side of Oahu. The name, which means “heavenly sea”, lends a reference to the mile long white sandy beaches and tranquil waters that you’ll discover when you arrive. The best part of this beach is found before Onekea Drive, and watch for a pillar that read “Lanikai” since there are no street signs to guide you.

Whatever you choose to do for this momentous occasion, one thing is certain: you and your beloved will definitely start the beginning of a new chapter in your relationship. Enjoy the memories that our beautiful islands have to offer and we hope to see you here on your honeymoon!

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