Things To Do in Oahu if You’re Going to Propose

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Thinking you might propose in one of the most romantic places in the world? Let us help you with some ideas and preparation with things to do in Oahu before you pop the big question.

Build up the romance

Don’t spring the question on the first night of your Hawaii vacation. Instead build up the romance and anticipation with a few memorable dates before the big night. Depending on the personality of your significant other, plan some dates where you can relax and enjoy each other’s company.

If you like art, The Honolulu Academy of Art Spalding House is a peaceful, contemplative destination that will definitely give you the chance to connect. It’s located in the quiet hills of Makiki Heights, has a great art collection, a relaxing cafe, and a garden to wander around in and even enjoy a picnic lunch. And if you want to keep exploring art in Oahu, we’ve got some ideas here!

Or would you rather fast forward the relaxation button? Then try visiting a spa and get totally relaxed with your sweetheart. It’s one of the best ways to set the stage for a memorable proposal. Your hotel might have a spa, and if not, we’ve got some great ideas for spas on this list!

Maybe you and your sweetie are the competitive, game playing type? Then head to a billiards or bowling alley for a little healthy competition to make those love sparks fly. Aiea Bowl has drink specials every night – good for easing your nerves! And there’s events and music on different nights, too.

Pick a spot to propose

Now comes the tricky part – choosing a spot to ask that important question, “Will you marry me?” So choose a place that fits both of your personalities and character. Would you and your significant other prefer to be more private, or do you not mind if other people are around? Do you want to be surrounded by nature, or are you okay lounging in the comfort of your hotel suite? Whatever you decide, it will be a happy moment, so enjoy it!

INDOORS – Restaurants or the privacy of a hotel room

For a romantic restaurant that is just as cozy and private as your favorite neighborhood gem, try Buona Sera. It’s been around since 1995 and not only does it provide great food that you’ll find at some of the fancier Italian restaurants in town, but the atmosphere is romantic, with low lighting and candles on each of the white tablecloth-covered tables. It’s a popular spot for proposals, anniversaries, and romantic dinners based on the number of decorated wine bottles that you’ll see around the restaurant – sweet memories of past patrons!

We’ve got lots of ideas for romantic restaurants here, or stay in your hotel suite in cozy robes and order some champagne and room service.

OUTDOORS – Plenty of natural settings all over the island

If you want to capture the essence of Hawaii and propose to your sweetie outdoors, then try a couple of these spots. The Nuuanu Pali Lookout is a volcanic cliff that offers spectacular views for lovers. Drive up the Nuuanu (Noo-oo-ah-noo) Pali Highway to the top, and you’ll see sweeping views of Oahu complete with the expansive crystal blue ocean, lush green farms, yellow banana groves and turquoise skylines that seem to reach right down to the tops of the mountains. It does get windy, so don’t get too close to any ledges and bring a jacket for a cover up!

Sunset Beach is another popular spot for couples who want to take in the gorgeous views for which this beach is named. Take a barefoot walk along the shore as the sun descends through the pink clouds over the Waianae Mountains and bask in the glow of the beautiful horizon. Leave in plenty of time to arrive there for the sun’s descent and bring a blanket, jacket, or something to sit on and wrap up in…besides each other’s arms 😉 It does get chilly with the breezes in the evening. Can’t get enough of these Hawaii sunsets? Use our sunset guide to see a few more while you’re here!

Now that you’re ready… check out our recommendations for places in Hawaii to propose!


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