The Top 3 Healthy Organic Grocery Stores in Honolulu

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Walking in to Whole Foods Market at Kahala Mall


If you’re on the lookout for a healthier option to the typical grocery store, then you’ll definitely want to check out these great organic grocery store options in Honolulu on the island of Oahu.

Why go to an Organic Grocery Store?

On Oahu there are variety of different types of super markets. Even though there are lot’s to choose from, people will prefer to choose fresh and organic produce. Oahu is getting a lot of Organic supermarket coming in to expand which is great for locals and tourists since there will be more chance of getting fresh produce goods.

Hawaii’s top 3 Organic super market

Today we will be talking about the top 3 Organic super market that is getting really big on Oahu.

1) Whole Foods Market


Healthy Organic Grocery Stores in Honolulu - Whole Foods Logo

One of the super market that is getting very popular right now is Whole Foods. Whole Foods is from the Mainland USA that has been growing recently. It is very big and has not just produce goods, but pantry goods as well.

Whole Foods Market
4211 Waialae Ave.Honolulu HI

2) Down to Earth

Healthy Organic Grocery Stores in Honolulu - Down to Earth Logo

Down to Earth is a localized owned super market that is only available in Hawaii. The super market may not be as big as Whole Foods but they have variety of interesting produce you won’t see. Down to Earth also has lot’s of ingredients from dressing to salt and pepper. And delicious snacks that doesn’t have preservatives or unnatural flavors.

Down to Earth
2525 S King St.,Honolulu HI

3) Kokua Market

Healthy Organic Grocery Stores in Honolulu - Kokua Market Logo

The last super market we would like to tell you about is Kokua Market. This market is a localized market that has true local stuff from Hawaii. What’s so great about here is that they have connections for the farmers so customers here can enjoy the local produce that comes directly from the local areas.

Kokua Market
2643 S.King St.Honolulu HI

Living in Hawaii with organic goods

Healthy Organic Grocery Stores in Honolulu - Fresh Vegetables
An amazing selection of delicious, healthy and organic vegetables

Living in Hawaii is great with the wilderness and awesome people but, what’s important is that eating healthy will make people live longer and have happier life. Eating fresh produce from the island will make you feel refreshed and appreciate the foods around you. Even if your here on a visit please try Hawaiian Organic super markets because they are really great!

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