Turtle Canyon Snorkeling with our New Free Trolley Service

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Who’s ready for an unforgettable adventure exploring Turtle Canyon and a free trolley ride?

Dive into the crystal-clear waters of one of Hawaii’s most popular turtle spots, a snorkeler’s paradise, known for its friendly Hawaiian sea turtles and vibrant marine life. Located conveniently between Waikiki and Magic Island in Ala Moana, Turtle Canyon offers a perfect snorkeling experience that’s accessible and stress-free, thanks to the new free Turtle Trolley service. 

<Why Choose Our Guided Turtle Canyon Snorkeling Tours?>

While some opt for independent snorkeling, since the Turtle Canyon is far from the beach, it is only accessible by boat.

Not only that. Our guided tour takes the experience to new heights. You can avoid the stress of equipment rental and transportation logistics. Our tour includes everything you need for a seamless experience, from gear to hassle-free transportation via the complimentary Turtle Trolley ride.

But the convenience of the Turtle Trolley doesn’t end with your snorkeling excursion. Upon returning to Waikiki, simply stop at our office and get the stamped card from our gift shop. Then, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of our free trolley service for the next 7 days. With its expanded route, the Blue Line now extends to Ala Moana Center and Kakaako Salt and the Green Line goes to Diamond Head offering a stress-free transition from underwater adventure to onshore exploration throughout your stay.

Free Trolley Ticket
Get the date stamp at our gift shop, and you are ready to go!

<Free Transportation with the Turtle Trolley>

With the Turtle Trolley at your service, the Hop-on Hop-off Bus between Waikiki, Ala Moana, and Kakaako Salt remains effortless, allowing you to make the most of your stay without the hassle of navigating traffic or parking. So, whether you’re seeking adventure beneath the waves or a leisurely day of shopping and dining, the Turtle Trolley ensures a seamless and memorable experience throughout your time in Waikiki.

Indulge in shopping and dining in, and Kakaako Salt, also discover the Kakaako wall art in easy reach thanks to the free trolley ride. Whether you’re seeking ocean adventure or a leisurely day of exploration, our Turtle Snorkeling Tour from Waikiki in Turtle Canyon ensures an unforgettable experience for all.

Whether you’re seeking a fun ocean adventure with turtles or a leisurely day of shopping and dining, we offer the perfect blend of excitement and relaxation. Best of all, the Turtle Trolley is free for everyone (even if you don’t attend our tours), ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for all participants.

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